Hayden Panettiere celebrated the sixth birthday of their daughter Kaya Evdokia with Klitschko

The boxer and the actress broke up two years ago, but continue to raise the child together.

Recently, actress Hayden Panettiere and her former lover Vladimir Klitschko celebrated the sixth birthday of their daughter Kaya Evdokia. On this occasion, the Nashville star made a post on Instagram. She posted a photo of the birthday cake and wrote: “Six years ago on this day I met this beautiful creature. I can’t believe that my girl has grown so much! “

Wladimir Klitschko and Hayden Panettiere have been in a relationship for about seven years. In 2014, Kaya Evdokia was born to them. In August 2018, the couple broke up. Now the child lives with his dad and grandmother in Kiev, and Vladimir and Hayden maintain friendly relations. Panettiere regularly flies to Ukraine to chat with the child, and also calls her on FaceTime. Hayden speaks very warmly of Vladimir, calls him “the best dad in the world” and his “hero”.

After breaking up with Klitschko, Hayden became a crime news heroine more than once: her ex-boyfriend Brian Hickerson was arrested several times for domestic violence. In June, it became known that Hayden broke up with an aggressive partner and through the court forbade him to approach her. However, Brian asked the actress to drop the charges against him and, in retaliation, threatened to publish some compromising videos.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Yana Shelekhova

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