Insider: Megan Fox and Coulson Baker are getting married soon

Insider: Megan Fox and Coulson Baker are getting married soon

Megan Fox and Colson Baker

34-year-old actress Megan Fox and 30-year-old singer Coulson Baker, performing under the pseudonym Machine Gun Kelly, have only been dating for a few months, but according to insiders, the couple’s wedding is just around the corner.

Coulson absolutely sees his marriage to Meghan in the future. Their friends will surely see that next year they will get engaged,

– said the source.

At the same time, according to him, the actress herself is not yet thinking about either engagement or marriage. Now the star of “Transformers” is in the process of divorcing his ex-husband Brian Austin Green, and for the ex-spouses it will not be easy: the actor is seeking joint custody of his three sons with Megan.

Coulson Baker and Megan Fox

The insider adds that Meghan is the type of person who likes to keep their partners on their toes.

She may be passionate one day and cold the next. Colson does not object to such hesitation. Meghan and Coulson’s relationship is healthier than her relationship with Brian, especially in the last year of their marriage.

– he noted.

He also added that Megan and Coulson understand each other very well because of their strong relationship, and also because they are both parents (Baker has a 12-year-old daughter Casey from a previous relationship. – Ed.).

They both understand this, and it’s easy for them to empathize with each other, whether it’s parenting, their career, or something else. Coulson felt like he was on a bad path until he met Megan. She really helped him see things in a new light,

– said the insider.

Recently, the singer admitted that the actress helped him overcome drug addiction.

Megan Fox and Colson Baker

Despite the uneasy relationship between Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green, her ex-husband treats the rapper well.

Brian and Machine Gun Kely are respectful of each other, they have a mature relationship,

– concluded the source.

Coulson Baker and Megan Fox

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