Japanese console AAA-exclusive PlayStation 5: Square Enix reveals new Forspoken trailer featuring “Charlie’s Angels” star

Japanese publishing house Square enix and studio Luminous Productionsformed from developers Final fantasy xv, presented a new trailer for the role-playing adventure Forspokenpreparing to enter Playstation 5 and PC in the spring of 2022.

According to the producer Takeshi AramakiSquare Enix aims to make Forspoken the prettiest open world game at its premiere.… The developers call it a “next generation graphics game”.

The story of Forspoken tells about the adventures of Frey, an American woman, who magically finds herself in the mysterious otherworldly kingdom of Atiyah, where fantasies and nightmares tend to come true. Far from home, the heroine will have to master a magical gift, meet face to face with monsters and repulse the sorceress Force. The latter is called the dictatorship, distraught with power. She is one of the matriarchs who rule Atia.

The main roles in the project were played by professional Hollywood actors: Ella Balinska (Frey) Jonathan Kake (magic bracelet cuff), Janina Gavankar (Force), Keela Settle (Joydi) and Monica Barbaro (Ayden). Balinska is best known for her role as Jane in “Charlie’s Angels“(2019).

The musical composition in the trailer was written by Bearom McCreeyknown for God of War (2018) and The walking dead

A Hollywood screenwriter was responsible for the foundation of the Forspoken game universe and the general course of the plot. Gary Witt (“Eli’s Book“,”Rogue One. Star Wars Tales“), as well as a veteran of the gaming industry Amy Hennigthat stood at the origins Legacy of kain and trilogy Uncharted

The gameplay of Forspoken is based on exploring locations, moving around the world using Frey’s magical abilities, as well as fighting various monsters and creatures.

“Mysteriously leaving New York, Frey Holland finds himself in a beautiful and cruel country called Atia – and even with a magic talking bracelet on his arm. Together with a new companion, whose manners are cynical, Frey sets off on a journey across the vast expanses of Atia.

In her search for her way home, Frey will have to fight terrifying creatures, challenge powerful tants and find out the truth, which will give her much more than she had hoped for, “the description says.

A set of fresh screenshots and renders:

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