Kanye West put on weight up to 136 kilograms after a divorce from Kim Kardashian: Appearance: Values: Lenta.ru

American rapper and designer Kanye West has put on weight to 136 kilograms after breaking up with his wife, entrepreneur Kim Kardashian. This is reported by the Gossip Cop portal.

According to the publication, the musician’s friends are worried about his “wild overeating”, which can lead to a heart attack and other health problems. People close to the singer said that he often eats six thousand calories per meal.

“He can eat six or seven sausage patties, 10 or 12 slices of bacon, four potato pancakes, a stack of pancakes and still go hungry!” – explained an anonymous source. In addition, to quench his thirst, West drinks coffee with eight bags of sugar, as well as orange juice and a chocolate milkshake.

According to the publication, the designer also consumes unhealthy snacks such as chips, candy, peanuts, or ice cream. At the same time, for lunch, the rapper eats several burgers with soda and fries, and for dinner – pizza, which additionally adds cheese, pepperoni and sausage.

It is known that Kardashian controlled West’s addiction to unhealthy food, but after the TV star filed for divorce in February, Kanye stopped limiting himself. “Kim kept him away from fried food and got rid of his late-night eating habit,” the couple’s buddies explained.

News of the divorce of stars after seven years of marriage emerged in late February. It was reported that the Kardashians and West have a prenuptial agreement that neither of them disputes. In particular, the businesswoman asked her husband for joint custody of four common children. At the same time, it was noted that the divorce of the spouses “is as peaceful as possible.”

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