Khokhryakov got into a fight with Khafizov. The Salavat forward was not the first to throw off his leggings, but only he was removed until the end of the match

Ufa residents are fighting again.

Salavat Yulaev defeated Neftekhimik (5: 1) in the home match of the KHL regular championship. The residents of Ufa were very good again. Neftekhimik started the season well with three wins in the first three matches. But in the face-to-face confrontation, the class of Salavat’s players turned out to be much higher. Where the Nizhnekamsk team did not score, the Ufa team realized their opportunities.

At the beginning of the third period, “Salavat” was already leading with a difference of five goals, declassing the opponent. “Neftekhimik” tried to impose a fight during the whole match, but only earned penalties. By the beginning of the last 20 minutes, the hosts did not leave even once, and the guests earned 8 penalty minutes.

Neftekhimik players were losing their nerves. So in one of the moments the striker Timur Khafizov met rudely Victor Tikhonov, who had just recovered from injury and played only his second match with Salavat. Powerful reception could well be considered clean, but Tikhonov at the time of Khafizov’s attack was already without a puck. Peter Khokhryakov, who happened to be close to the episode, did not tolerate such treatment with a partner. Khokhryakov and Tikhonov managed to play a little more in SKA, having won the Gagarin Cup in 2015.

Peter immediately flew in and began to deal with Khafizov. Soon a fight broke out between the hockey players. Although it is difficult to call it a fight. The players simply grappled, and then threw each other on the ice, after which they were separated by the referees. Soon, the judges delivered a verdict. Khokhryakov received as much as 27 minutes of a fine and was sent off until the end of the meeting – 2 minutes for rudeness, 5 minutes for a fight and another 20 minutes as the instigator of the fight. But Khafizov was discharged only 5 minutes for the fight.

Arbitrators’ decision Alexey Vasiliev and Sergey Kulakov very controversial. On the replay, it is clearly visible that Khafizov was the first to throw off his leggings. Perhaps the judges clearly heard some of Khokhryakov’s calls for a fight. It is not excluded that Salavat will appeal the decision of the arbitrators. “They played wrong against Tikhonov. I made a move, that’s all, ”Peter himself commented on the episode.

It is noteworthy that Khokhryakov is a graduate of Neftekhimik. In the offseason, the 31-year-old striker lives in Kazan. But in this particular case, Peter didn’t care. In addition, they never crossed paths with 23-year-old Khafizov in the same team. Khokhryakov left his native club in 2015. But Khafizov actually acted unreasonably rude. What’s the point of getting into your opponent like that if you are losing 0: 5? The head coach of Salavat said the same after the match. Tomi Lamsa: “I think that at this moment Khokhryakov, as an experienced player, decided to convey to his opponent that he was wrong. It was a completely unjustified forceful technique. Khokhryakov did the right thing. With that score, there was no need to show such aggressive hockey, ”

For his selfless deed, Khokhryakov was named the best player of the match within the team, having received a symbolic burek. Although he scored in the game with only one assists.

Pyotr Khokhryakov / photo: press service of “Salavat”

It is doubly offensive for Salavat that after the removal of Khokhryakov, Neftekhimik realized the majority. Although the goalkeeper of Ufa Juha Metsola was very close to the first “crack” of the season and fully deserved it. At the beginning of the championship, there are zero complaints against the Finnish goalkeeper. Although at the end of August he was only criticized for his extremely insecure play. The first zero match could have given Juha even more confidence. Obviously, he is the type of player who needs support and approval. He accumulates it and directs it to the result. Although Metsola’s statistics are already good. Juha is currently the third most reliable goalkeeper (1.25) in the league. He hasn’t appeared on this list for a long time.

Salavat, meanwhile, won in the fifth match in a row. At the moment, the Ufa team with 10 points in 5 matches single-handedly occupies the first place in the regular season table, ahead of CSKA by 2 points. For a second, this is the best start of the Ufa team for the entire time of their performance in the KHL. This, obviously, no one expected. Even in Salavat itself. “Honestly, this was not supposed. The key was to build a winning team. Now you need to train and act in the same spirit. It’s just five games, ”Lamsa said.

We, too, will be careful with long-term conclusions.

Juha Metsola

Note that this is not the first fight with the participation of Salavat players in recent years. In the recent match with Metallurg (7: 2), the captain of Ufimtsev GRigory Panin stood up for Jeff Plattpushed aboard by a Canadian Josh Curry… But then both hockey players were sent off until the end of the match, receiving only 5 minutes of the penalty. Moreover, Curry was discharged another 5 extra minutes for being rude on Platt, although it was Panin who started the fight.

But, in any case, such behavior of the players is a good sign for Salavat. After the failure in the past playoffs, the Ufa team was criticized, among other things, for the fact that they could not respond to the rudeness of the Ak Bars players. As if they were being careful. Now they are ready to harness each other even in the most ordinary match.

KHL. Regular season

Salavat Yulaev (Ufa) – Neftekhimik (Nizhnekamsk) – 5: 1 (2: 0, 2: 0, 1: 0)
11 September. Ufa-Arena. 2899 viewers
1: 0 Manninen (00:35)
2: 0 Kulemin (Shmelev, Kadeikin, 19:59)
3: 0 Panin (Khokhryakov, Platt, 28:01)
4: 0 Shmelev (Mukhamadullin, 31:36, big)
5: 0 Manninen (Larsen, Granlund, 43:01)
5: 1 Khairullin (Klok, Popov, 56:41, big)
Goalkeepers: Metsola – Tuohimaa

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