Makarov in “Comment.Show”: he was in conflict with Slutsky, “Rubin” did not let him go to Europe, and now he lives at the base of “Dynamo”

He explained why he left Rubin.

Midfielder Denis Makarov during the 2021/22 season, he moved from Rubin to Dynamo Moscow. The Kazan club became the first for a football player in the Russian championship, but immediately successful – Makarov there received the first call to the Russian national team, and also scored the most beautiful goal of the championship.

Now Makarov has become a guest of the Comment.Show YouTube show hosted by football commentators Roman Gutsait, Nobel Arustamyan, Konstantin Genich and Denis Kazansky… In it, the player spoke about the details of the transition to Dynamo, named the problems of Russian football and the reasons why he was not called up to the national team Valery Karpin

Denis Makarov / photo: Sergey Elagin, BUSINESS Online

About moving… I haven’t rented an apartment in Moscow yet. I live at the base, get used to it. I’m getting used to the coaching staff, to their requirements. Still, a foreign coach, a completely different specialist, more aggressive, you try to adapt to him. Gradually I leave for the city, on some business: to the cinema, to see my friends.

I live without a family, my wife is still at home. It was hard, but it was a weekend, I went to her. I had not even looked for an apartment for myself, I wanted to adapt for the first month: to live at the base, understand the requirements, work. One of these days I will start looking for an apartment – the main thing is to be close to the base.

How Schwartz differs from Slutsky… Aggression. Schwartz asks to play more aggressive, fast football and make quick decisions. Slutsky sometimes said: “Today we play for fun” (laughs).

About the conflict with Slutsky… It was 5v5 soccer in training. Slutsky chose one team for himself and began to “drown” for it: he did not give fouls and gave outs, sued them. And you, if not on this team, get angry and lose. Conflicts often arose on this basis, he even kicked me out of training. I answered, but Slutsky did not like it. I yelled at him that it was not fair.

Leonid Slutsky / photo: Sergey Elagin, BUSINESS Online

I took number 25 in honor of my wife’s birthday… The wife was born on this day. Before meeting her, I played under the seventh number. This is my first girlfriend who became a wife, so I didn’t have a chance to take numbers in honor of other girls’ birthdays. We’ve been with her for seven years.

How CSKA almost crossed over… I was not at the screening, they invited me to their match, they just played in the Europa League. I arrived and talked to the management. Our views converged, but I had more desire to play in Rubin with Slutsky. I really wanted to work with Leonid Viktorovich, because he trained in Europe, this experience was interesting to me. And I think I made the right choice.

Why moved to Dynamo… There is more room for future growth. Moscow, the proximity of the national team, the closer the path to Europe. Dynamo is a good young team in which I can prove myself, it is headed by a foreign coach, with whom I would like to work. I saw how the team led by Schwartz plays against us, his trust in the young guys. The agent dialed, we talked with him, I also talked with the sports director of Rubin Oleg Yarovinsky – he said that he would wait for an official offer. Everything was decided in a day, I arrived at the base, said goodbye to the guys and the coaching staff. I did not speak with Slutsky separately until I left. It seems to me that he was unhappy and did not want to talk on this topic. He wished him luck.

National team… I had a minor injury after the Euro, missed a lot. Therefore, I started the season with Rubin off the bench and due to this I did not make it – only in the last two matches I played 90 minutes for the Kazan club. I think I’ll go to the next camp.

Where does he want to play? The German championship is closer to me. Perhaps still Spanish, but the Bundesliga is preferable. There was interest in me from the European championship, but Rubin wanted too much money… I was ready to go. Go to Europe to gain experience, thinking. You can always have time to return to Russia.

Russian football… Our football lags behind European football. This was noticeable during the Euro, especially during the match against Denmark. It was also noticeable during the Euro among the youth teams, the level of France and Denmark is heaven and earth, in comparison with us. To solve this, you need to exercise more from childhood.

Photo: Gonzales Photo, Gaston Szerman,

What can I do? I have my own trick – swing. In Europe, no one knows about this yet; due to this trick, something can turn out. It seems to me that everyone in the team should be able to understand individually. It can help create chances to squeeze goals out of.

We are accustomed to our championship, and when we reach the European level … I thought Rubin would feel confident in the match against Rakuv, show the football that was in the season. But this did not happen.

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