Open skating of the Russian national figure skating team, test skating reportage from Chelyabinsk from the Traktor arena – September 10, 2021

Chelyabinsk is turning into the main Russian figure skating city. Last December, the national championship was held here, and now the open skates of the national team are starting – the main event at the beginning of the season, where we will see the new programs of our best skaters for the first time.

Athletes began to visit the capital of the Southern Urals on Tuesday, slowly showing the programs to the judges and discussing plans for the Olympic season with the FFKKR. All this took place in the arena with the symbolic name “Youth”, which, as it were, hints that the main favorites for a trip to Beijing as part of the women’s team were not yet 18 years old.


No matter how hard the organizers and the federation tried to hide the music for the programs of the main stars of the national team, they failed. But the premiere is still a premiere. And all the tickets for short and free programs of girls quickly flew. For these types of events, the organizers expect about a thousand spectators (the maximum allowable quota). Men, couples and dancers are close to this indicator. You can still buy a ticket for representatives of these species, but there are few of them left.

The first thing you notice at the Traktor arena is Alina Zagitova’s graffiti in a red tutu, the same one in which the skater became the Olympic champion three and a half years ago in Pyeongchang. The current figure skater from the group Eteri Tutberidze took an honorable place in the composition between the hockey players of the Russian national team and the Chelyabinsk salute. However, there are questions for execution. For some reason, Alina’s lips are black and her eyes are closed. Probably the cost of style.

When you get inside the arena, do not try to count how many times “Chelyabinsk” is written there. Most likely, you will get a headache from this activity. Boards, posters, tribune decoration and a huge neon sign. You will definitely not forget where the competition takes place.


And Chelyabinsk deserves it all!

Firstly, on weekends, the city’s day is celebrated here. 285 years is a serious period. You can also come off on the inscriptions.

Secondly, figure skating events are best organized in this city.

A striking example is the attitude towards journalists. 55 people were immediately accredited for rentals. This is a lot, considering that this number does not include representatives of Channel One, and this event is, in fact, just an official training session. Even with the audience. For such a crowd of media, the organizers came up with a very original solution associated with a mixed zone. The space for communication with journalists will be … two-story. Yes, those who did not manage to take one of the eight places in the “parterre” go to the “balcony” (it was not originally in the project), where there is more space. The final analogy with a concert is a microphone on a stand, into which the skaters will read their stand-ups after their performances.

Test skating of skaters will begin on September 11 at 12.00 Moscow time. The order of performance of the participants is available on the FFKKR website. The broadcast is available on the website of Channel One.

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