Psychonauts 2 is fully translated into Russian – a video with an example of localization has appeared

At the end of August, Russian-speaking users brought down userscor adventure Psychonauts 2 on the site Metacritic… The reason for this was the complete disregard of the Russian language by the developers, the support of which is not provided in the game in any form.

Some time later Double Fine Productions responded to the comments of gamers, saying that despite the desire to add more language packs to the project, now the studio does not have additional funding for these purposes.

It seems that in the foreseeable future, the official Russian localization of Psychonauts 2 can not be expected, but you should not despair either. Fans have begun to independently translate the PC version into Russian, and this applies not only to subtitles, but also to voice acting

Three independent teams are working on the Russification of Psychonauts 2: Like a Dragon (Yakuza, Shenmue), The bullfinch team (Life is Strange: Before the Storm, Tell My Why) and voiceover studio Mechanics VoiceOver (Alan Wake, Resident Evil 2/3).

At the moment, enthusiasts are translating the text and arranging it for voice acting, after which the dubbing actors will get down to business in order to give the heroes of the game Russian voices. According to Mechanics VoiceOver, the project has over 18 thousand lines of text and as much as 14 hours of source material for the voice acting, therefore it is too early to talk about the timing of the complete completion of the localization… At this stage, about 10 people are already connected to the translation, so there is a hope that the work on the localization will not take long.

“Unfortunately, we cannot yet say for sure how long it will take to develop the localizer. The volume of text here is less than in the games of the Yakuza or Shenmue series, however, it is much more replete with language techniques and means on which the narrative is literally built, and work with such is the most natural nightmare for translators, “said the Like a Dragon team.

To brighten up expectations the translators have prepared a short demo video with the first minutes of the game in Russian, thanks to which gamers can appreciate the quality of translation, work with sound and acting.

The roles were voiced:

  • Razputin Aquato – Dmitry Rybin
  • Caligosto Loboto – Alexey Shchegorsky
  • Sasha Nine – Dmitry Zubarev
  • Milla Vodello – Anna Chintsova
  • Morso Oleander (Coach) – Alexey Shchegorsky
  • Lily Zanotto – Rina Chernyshova

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