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Usually, when a famous actor goes to directing, he does it because he is “sore” and he has something to say.

Such directors, from Robert Redford to Kevin Costner and from Barbra Streisand to George Clooney, film “prestigious” dramas with fellow stars that solemnly raise “important” social issues. Against the background of this long-boring trend, special respect is given to John Krasinski, who not only as an actor turned from a telecomic, who became famous in the TV series Office, into an action hero, but also three years ago directed the genre Quiet Place about an alien attack on Earth as a chamber drama about the life of one family with its joys and tragedies.

When the first part with a budget of $ 17 million brought in $ 340 million worldwide, Krasinski surprised everyone again. Another star-director who made such a profit would demand several times more budget for the work on the continuation of his own film and inflate what is happening on the screen to complete nonsense, as is often the case in such cases. But “Quiet Place 2”, released on June 3, cost only 20 million in production, a little more than the first part, and, in general, does not look much more expensive.

Still, there is some increase in scale here. The previous film told the story of a family, and in the finale only the seed for a possible rescue from alien creatures is given – the mother (Emily Blunt, Krasinski’s wife) and daughter Regan (Millie Simmonds) accidentally find a way to make the monsters defenseless, at least for a while. In the second “Quiet Place” the introductory part is a prequel – we are shown the first day, when, in fact, the invasion began, but immediately after the initial credits, the plot continues where it ended in the first film – we are transferred to the day of the 474th “occupation” and the beginning the transformation of humanity into a second-class species that exists to feed the dominant species. The mother with Regan, her brother Marcus (Noah Joop) and the baby born in the previous part leave the house and hide with the neighbor Emmett (Cillian Murphy), but each of the characters does not sit still, and the family is separated. Three parallel lines at once are mounted so masterly that one scene almost imperceptibly flows into another. This creates the feeling that although family members fight the creatures separately, they are still doing a common cause.

Another director would make an expensive blockbuster out of the second part like “Independence Day”. Krasinski is smarter. He raises the stakes (we are now talking about the extermination of not one alien, but all at once), but leaves what brought success to the first part – the feeling of a private story, lived by interesting people.

This same sense of intimacy is facilitated by the fact that Regan does not hear from birth. She is the best prepared to survive in extreme conditions, because before the alien invasion she was engaged in survival in the world of sounds and speech. Roughly speaking, this is a fight between the blind and the deaf. The silent scenes that we see, as it were from her point of view, are the strongest, the absence of sound only adds to them horror and at the same time peace – after all, we are talking about monsters who find victims with the help of hearing, and the deaf-mute Regan thus becomes their complete opposite … But Regan is gifted with a rare combination of intelligence and compassion, which helps her figure out how to survive, and not only herself. With this approach to hero creation and development and budget control, Krasinski will be able to continue his humble epic for a long time, and this is one case when the promise of sequels does not irritate. This is the same “author’s blockbuster”, which was lacking in Hollywood entirely corporate entertainment cinema. To get interesting again, it turns out science fiction just had to go whispering with us.

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