Ross Brown: We don’t want the sprint to be fun

Many people do not like the weekend format with a sprint race, but the leadership of Formula 1 wants to increase the number of such weekends. After the Monza sprint, sporting director Ross Brown commented on the situation on Sky Sport F1.

Ross Brown: “We don’t want the sprint to be a kind of fun, artificial way of creating intrigue. We strive to preserve the traditions of sports. The weekend is still three days long, Saturday ratings are higher than at Silverstone – as long as everything goes in the right direction.

We wanted to see a sharper struggle in the group of leaders. Today there have been changes in the middle group – as a result, tomorrow we will see a different race than we expected yesterday. This adds intrigue.

Qualification postponed to Friday remains a serious challenge. Teams and riders understand the balance of power, it will be useful to them in their work tonight.

After the first sprint, the riders’ comments were positive, we were offered many interesting ideas. They want to see more points in the sprint, perhaps more randomness in their starting positions.

Whether the format will remain the way we see it today, or we will make the sprint a separate event with a lot of points and a different system for determining the places at the start, I do not know yet. “

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