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Microsoft engineers have updated the proprietary Recycle Bin application in Windows 11. This is reported by the Windows Latest edition.

The innovation was found in the Windows 11 Build 22454 assembly, which was released for participants in the Microsoft beta testing program. Users noticed that the company’s specialists have added an updated Recycle Bin program to the operating system, which is necessary for deleting documents. The application has received a new context menu.

The journalists noted that earlier, by right-clicking on the “Trash” icon, a context menu appeared, where there were options “that consumers have never used.” To delete files, you had to do a few extra clicks. “The menu was long, which often caused performance problems, since it is part of the Explorer.exe process,” they said.

In the updated “Trash”, the context menu consists of two main elements – “Open program” and “Empty trash”. There is also a button, by clicking on which the program is fixed in the Start menu, and the option “Advanced settings”.

Also in the Build 22454 update, Windows Defender errors, taskbar, sound settings, and other OS problems were fixed.

Microsoft will begin downloading Windows 11 to users’ computers on October 5. The system update will be free of charge.

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