The Angel of Darkness on Unreal Engine 4


Back in July 2021, I was sharing new screenshots from an upcoming fan remake Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness on Unreal Engine 4. And yesterday FreakRaider and Konrad Majewski shared a new video.

This video demonstrates some of the gameplay mechanics as well as some of Lara’s new moves and animations. From what we can see, the team is committed to fixing and improving everything that gamers hated about Angel of Darkness. This way Lara will be more flexible and the game will hopefully have fewer bugs than the original version.

To be honest, I really like what I see here. However, I really don’t know if the duo will be able to complete it. After all, it will be a huge – and demanding – project. I guess we may get a playable demo sometime in the future.

FreakRaider and Konrad Majewski plan to release a version in the future that will include numerous levels from the original game. Or at least that’s their long-term plan. And since it looks promising, we really don’t know if Square Enix will send them a C&D email.

To their credit, the duo spent most of their time creating game mechanics and new animations. This is something that worried many indie creators who wanted to recreate old games on new engines.

So, assuming the duo get the C&D letter, they can simply replace the textures and release their demo. Again, this is critical for such a project / fan remake.

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