“The goal of the league is to form a national team. If legionnaires are playing, it is impossible to do it. ” Minister of Sports of the Moscow Region about the limit – Football

The Minister of Sports of the Moscow Region Roman Teryushkov supported the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin in the issue of maintaining the limit on foreign players in the RPL.

“Three months ago I said that I would generally ban the participation of legionnaires in our championship, because they are taking the places of our guys.

Since the main task of any domestic championship is the formation of the national and Olympic teams of the country, when the guys play with foreign passports, it is basically impossible to do this.

We created the Master-Saturn school, and in five years more than 40 children aged 16-18 went to such clubs as Zenit, Dynamo, Spartak, Lokomotiv, CSKA, Krasnodar. They followed the brand, football players with foreign passports played in those clubs, and we have lost more than 40 talented guys who could show themselves at the highest level.

I want to watch the guys with Russian passports from the Moscow region and Moscow play. The same Wings of the Soviets are 99.9% made up of Russian footballers, including those from Chertanovo.

It is more interesting for me to watch our pupils than the performance of the national football giants, who are half made up of legionnaires, ”Teryushkov said.

“We won’t play at the Olympics for another 20 years if there are only foreigners.” Putin is against the abolition of the limit on legionnaires

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