“There is no anti-Russian conspiracy”: Zhulin explained the sensational failure of Russian “artists” at the Olympics

The victory of the Israeli athlete in the rhythmic gymnastics competition at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo and the failure of the Russians were commented on by the Olympic medalist, world champion in ice dancing Alexander Zhulin.

He recalled that immediately after the competition, the sisters Dina and Arina Averin, who played for the Russian Federation, were asked by journalists how it happened that the Israeli Lina Ashram, even dropping the ribbon, greatly surpassed the girls in the total programs.

“And our girls answer that they could not make their combinations more difficult, because Dina’s back hurts, and Arina has something else. It is clear that I do not quote their words word for word, but the meaning was just that. And immediately you start to think: maybe there was no anti-Russian conspiracy? “, – said Zhulin, quoted by championat.com.

According to him, sometimes it is difficult for an ordinary viewer to understand what the assessment is made of. “If you do not thoroughly master the topic, it is absolutely impossible to figure out why someone gets the first level of difficulty, and someone – the fourth. Or why the one who fell wins. Although he fell from one of the quadruple jumps, while the others neatly jumped triple jumps, ”explained Zhulin.

We will remind that the scandal at the Olympic Games-2021 flared up after the Israeli Lina Ashram won the gold in the competition among the “Hodozhnitsy”, the Russian woman Dina Averina got only “silver”, and the “bronze” was won by Alina Gornosko from Belarus. Another Russian sportswoman, Arina Averina, was left without medals. Immediately after summing up the results of the Olympic Games, the head coach of the Russian national team Irina Viner-Usmanova called the refereeing at the Olympics a shame. More details here and here.

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