Tuktamysheva versus Tutberidze’s team. Our skaters presented programs for the Olympics

The main mystery of the upcoming event is who among women will represent Russia at the 2022 Olympics. The six strongest skaters, most of whom are from Eteri Tutberidze’s team, are aiming at a quota of three permits. All participants came to the selection fully armed. Let’s talk a little about each of the applicants.

17-year-old Anna Shcherbakova is the prima of the Tutberidze group. Despite the tenderness and fragility of the image, the athlete has repeatedly proved that no difficulties can affect the quality of the program. For example, at the last Russian Championship, she performed with a temperature and skated brilliantly. Today Anna’s arsenal includes quadruple flip and lutz, triple axel. For the audience, she will appear in an unusual role and will perform to the music “Ball of Satan from” The Master and Margarita “. The refereeing probably will not offend Shcherbakova with good grades, but everyone is worried that a fracture of the toe, which the athlete received in the summer, can negatively affect her rental. Surely a trifle, but closer to the season, skaters try to avoid the slightest damage.

18-year-old Alena Kostornaya became famous for her perfect trixel performance. Experts believe that she has every chance of being selected for participation in the Games, but on condition that she sterile skates the program and returns with an unmistakable rental of a triple axel. Alena will speak under Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons.

The master of the most complex elements, 17-year-old Alexandra Trusova, both with her hair color and with music, will show that she is passionate about participating in the Olympics. Sasha knows how to perform many available tricks, but the problem with more complex elements. At the competition, the skater has not yet managed to show a single pure trixel or 4-rittberger. Success for Trusova will be the maximum coverage of difficult jumps and their impeccable execution.

15-year-old Kamila Valieva today has a piercing Richter and a passionate bolero. From a young age, the figure skater became a star: she performed in shows with adults and received compliments from her granddaughter Pablo Picasso for the “Girl on the Ball” program. Camila has that perfect balance of technique and artistry that makes her one of the favorites of the season. She will show two quads in the program and prepare another one – in training it turned out salchow. The triple axel is one of Valieva’s trump cards, she performs it impeccably cleanly.

One of the most controversial heroines in the Tutberidze team is 15-year-old Maya Khromykh. It is known that until last season Eteri was not entirely sure of the student and suggested that she switch to dancing. But when Khromykh cleanly jumped two different quads in the Russian Cup final, she created a sensation, because she had never performed a single one before. If this time, too, she performs these elements confidently and cleanly, it is likely that she will take a place in the quota.

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And for 24-year-old Elizaveta Tuktamysheva, test skates are the best chance to show herself and pass the selection, despite her age and enormous competition. In 2014, after winning the Games and European Championships, the skater decided to go into the shadows. She returned to the podium only 4 years later, when she took gold in Canada. The upcoming Olympics is Tuktamysheva’s third attempt, to which she approached fully armed. She has a perfect triple axel, sheepskin coat and lutz are on the way. The program promises to be passionate and incendiary, as evidenced by Elizabeth’s provocatively short dresses.

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Photo: Legion-Media, Joosep Martinson | Getty Images

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