Users worried about the starving cat from the Forspoken trailer and the developers tried to calm them down

Recently, a trailer for Forspoken was presented with a demonstration of the gameplay, but the audience was attracted not by the heroine or the world of the game, but by the four-legged fluffy pet.

Square Enix and Luminous Productions have unveiled a trailer for Forspoken. The girl goes to a fantasy world and fights with hostile creatures.

However, the attention of users was drawn to the heroine’s furry friend, who was shown at the very beginning of the trailer. They were worried about his food, because the hostess goes to another world, and the cat (or cat) is all alone.

The developers tried to reassure fans and posted a “thank you post” on Twitter and assured that Homer was fine.

The post used “he” (he). User Twennywun writes in the comments: “When you confused the gender [misgender] cat [кошки]”. Later the word was changed to “she” (she).

Now users are waiting for the Forspoken photo mode to capture the furry friend from all angles, and they also want the “New game +”She accompanied the heroine. They also joke about the name Homer (ancient Greek poet-storyteller), supposedly the cat will write Iliad and Odysseus by the end of the game.

Forspoken is scheduled to release in the spring of 2022. The game will be available on PC and the next generation PlayStation 5 consoles (2-year temporary exclusivity after release).

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