Watermelon bag, birthing chair, and other strange gifts from Gwyneth Paltrow for New Years

Gwyneth’s quirky little shop is ready for the upcoming holidays.

Gwyneth Paltrow is true to her traditions. The actress and founder of the healthy lifestyle store Goop offers users a catalog of unusual gifts for the New Year every year. And just recently, Gwyneth has compiled a new list of things that can be purchased in her store.

The list of “budget” items included a vulva coloring book for $ 14.59, a necklace vibrator for $ 79, and a well-known candle for $ 75.

For wealthy shoppers, Paltrow has other options. For example, a childbirth chair for $ 7.5 thousand and a mattress made of 29 layers of environmentally friendly materials for $ 38 thousand.

Gwyneth also considers a designer bag for carrying a watermelon, a lamp in the shape of a baguette, and a PlantWave gadget that “connects” to any plant and transmits signals received from it, converting them into music.

Last year, the Goop store offered customers a space trip as New Year’s gifts, a book with photographs of planets with an accompanying fragment of a lunar meteorite, an office chair simulating zero gravity, a BDSM beginner’s kit, vibrators made of gold and silver, and a bar of dried black caviar.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Yana Shelekhova

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