Xiaomi has blocked smartphones in Crimea


According to XDA Developers, Xiaomi has begun blocking the operation of its smartphones in some regions of the planet. Cuba, Syria, Iran, Sudan, North Korea and Crimea fell out of favor.

The lock occurs like this: the user sees a black screen with a lock and a message that says that Xiaomi’s policy does not allow the use of the product in the territory where they tried to activate it. The problem does not affect those who have installed custom firmware on their smartphone.

Apparently, the blocking is performed when the smartphone is first turned on in a region that Xiaomi considers disgraced. If you activate it in any other region, most likely, there will be no problems with use. However, according to users, smartphones are not blocked immediately, but after several days of use.


For various reasons, sanctions were imposed on the listed territories in the United States (in Crimea – due to the fact that this region became part of Russia in 2014, with which some states disagree). Xiaomi, following Huawei, could be blacklisted by the US Department of Commerce and lose the opportunity to cooperate with American organizations, but it managed to negotiate with the country’s authorities. It is possible that it was the US authorities who insisted that Xiaomi block its smartphones in territories from the sanctions list.

It is noteworthy that the terms and conditions of use of Xiaomi smartphones on the manufacturer’s website directly indicate that the buyer is prohibited from exporting the product to Cuba, Syria, Iran, Sudan, North Korea or Crimea. It says that he must obtain a special license allowing such export, but it does not say that without such a license the device may be blocked.

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