Xiaomi remotely locks its smartphones in selected countries, including Russia

The Chinese company Xiaomi is limiting the use of its smartphones in some parts of the world. Blocks were recorded in Cuba, Syria, North Korea, Sudan, as well as in Crimea. Reported by XDA-Developers.

Jyoti Kapoor / ZUMAPRESS.com

In these territories, according to the rules of Xiaomi, it is prohibited to import devices without a special license. Phone owners report blocking on their forums, as well as on Facebook and Reddit.

“Xiaomi’s policy does not authorize the sale of this product or its provision in the territory in which you tried to activate it. Please contact the sellers directly for more information. ”This message appears on the screens of remotely locked phones.

As users of the XDA-Developers forums write, the blocking applies to devices activated directly in the prohibited area, and does not apply to phones activated before import.

Note that the 6 mentioned countries and territories are under US export sanctions. Many international companies officially refuse to do business in these territories.

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