Andrew Shovlin: It could have ended worse

The race in Monza brought Mercedes eighteen points – for the victory in the sprint and the third place in the race of Valtteri Bottas …

Andrew Shovlin, Chief Race Engineer: “Valtteri had a great race going to the podium. It is a pity that this weekend we had to replace the power plant in his car – if not for the fine, he would have won the race today.

It is sad that Lewis’ race ended in an accident. It’s good that we are using Halo defense now, otherwise it could have ended worse. Max could not have gone through that turn like that, it seems that he always prefers to force events than give up the position to Lewis. The car was very fast, it is a pity that we earned few points, but it is obvious that in many areas we could do better.

Valtteri can be proud of this result, but the team as a whole did not work at the required level of efficiency and reliability, so our top priority is to correct these mistakes. “

Valtteri Bottas (3rd): “Before the race, I told the team that I would go up to the podium – and I kept my word. I think I’ve never been able to play so many positions in a race before. Starting from the last row is always difficult, but I’m glad that in the end we earned more points than Red Bull Racing.

I had some beautiful overtaking, fought with Perez for a long time and am very pleased with my result. This is possibly one of my best weekends with Mercedes. I was fast all weekend.

Of course, it’s a shame that Lewis and Max had an accident and we lost a few important points. I’m glad Lewis wasn’t hurt. Now we need to move on, I hope to consolidate this success in Russia, where I performed well in the past. “

Lewis Hamilton (retirement): “I’m upset that the race ended the way it ended. The team developed an effective strategy, I was in a good position before the incident on the 26th lap.

After leaving the pit lane, I saw Max approaching and made sure to leave him enough room in the width of the car on the outside of the track, entered the first turn, was the first at the entrance to the second turn, and the next moment Max’s car flew over my head. …

For me, the weekend ended not in the best way, but it’s nice that Valtteri earned points for the team, having made an impressive breakthrough. On this track, it is not easy to climb to the podium after starting from the last row. The team did a good job, and the fact that we earned more points than Red Bull is a positive result. “

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