Cherdantsev about criticism of the national team under Karpin: “There is no time to pickle. I had to beat Croatia. Cherchesov performed the task “- Football

Match TV commentator Georgy Cherdantsev spoke about his criticism of the Russian national team during the work of coach Valery Karpin in it.

– There is a national team, I want it to play at the World Cup, there is my reaction to what is happening, in comparison with the team that was before. That’s all.

– But you didn’t bite Cherchesov like that. Why?

– Because Cherchesov performed the task. He reached the quarterfinals at the World Championships. Yesterday I walked in the area of ​​the Patriarch Bridge, there is a huge building with graffiti, where it is written: “Thank you guys!” And the whole team is drawn there. What other national team would anyone say thank you? This is Cherchesov’s work.

Therefore, the period when he was preparing the national team for the World Cup and losing friendly matches – why was he there to troll and spread rot? It was preparation for the World Cup. He came to me on the air, told me what he was doing. He promised: “I will do my job, be patient.”

He did, he reached the quarterfinals, no questions asked. Then there was a selection for the Euro. Did he bring the team to Euro? I brought it out. But when the European Championship began, questions began, everything is logical.

And now there is no time to pickle. We now have three matches. Come out on top and that’s it. Karpin has no time. It was necessary to beat Croatia and come out on top in the group, – said Cherdantsev in an interview with journalist Sergei Egorov.

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