Figure skating interview with Alena Kostornaya, Elizaveta Tuktamysheva, Anna Shcherbakova, Daria Usacheva, Maya Khromykh, Kamila Valieva – September 12, 2021

Immediately after the free skating at the test skates in Chelyabinsk, the best skaters of Russia talked to journalists, among whom was Sport24 correspondent Konstantin Lesik. We published the interview of Alexandra Trusova as a separate material here. Below are the most interesting answers from other athletes.

Shcherbakova explained to “The Master and Margarita”

The story of The Master and Margarita. At first, I feel the approach of an evil force, touches, sounds in my head. This is how the first half of the program goes. Then Woland’s Ball – I really like this part. It is necessary to show a strong change in emotions and mood …

As Daniil Markovich said, good wins in this idea. This shows the third part of the program, which starts with a track. And here again I need to change the image, the style of skating. In this program, you need to especially focus on the idea and on the whole image.

– How many jokes were there about Annushka spilling butter?

– In the process of staging – not so much. But I have already looked in social networks, a lot of people have written to me about it. So – yes, there are such jokes, ha ha.

Alexander Mysyakin, Sport24

Usacheva is a fan of gymnastics

I like rhythmic gymnastics, we communicate with gymnasts. We cheer for them. I looked at everything in Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020, and I especially liked Margarita Mamun. She is a sports idol for me.

I spent a lot of nerves for watching the Tokyo Olympics, worried about myself. It’s a shame for Arina, but I liked her tape. As judges appreciated – so appreciated, our girls did their best. I think it is correct that Dina is awarded as a winner.

Alexander Mysyakin, Sport24

Tuktamysheva admired Trusova

Even taking into account the mistakes, the hall was very warmly received, and it was very pleasant for me to skate. I really love this program, I really like it, starting with the costume and ending with the final movement. In principle, the emotions are positive. I hope that this is the first and last time such a performance and I will not make such mistakes at competitions.

– That is, this is fatigue, not excitement?
– I do not think that this is excitement, because I went out quite relaxed today. Therefore, I managed to keep the image until the end of the program, because I worked a lot on this program. I wanted to show the choreography.

– Fatigue, because you are getting in shape?
– All the same, when open skates in such a large hall with spectators, you give it more emotion. The skates that we do in training are a little different things. We are gradually entering the season.

– Can you reveal what competitions will be held before the Grand Prix?
– We are planning to go to Syzran for the first stage of the Russian Cup. And take the “beshka”. Perhaps it will be the Finlandia Trophy.

– Did you have time to watch other programs? What did you like?
– I saw Sasha Trusova, because she is the last. I really liked her program and music, I myself love backhand programs. I skated under the Florence + Machine myself. Madly in love with this performer, therefore, when I heard the music, I already realized that it would be a cool program. Especially when Sasha performs five quads, a deep bow to her for this hard work.

Alexander Mysyakin, Sport24

Lame got used to jokes about Tagil

– What did Eteri Georgievna say after the rental?
– That the salchow did not go, she squeezed, so it did not work out. Said “Why fall off the lutz?” I have the same question for myself.

– What are your general impressions of the performance?
– Today I was not worried. There was a slight tremor before going out on the ice. I was very calm. I skated the program deliberately, and the audience supported me very warmly.

– Do you have any plans before the Grand Prix?
– Perhaps I’ll go to the Challenger while everything is being decided.

“You’re from a town not far from here. Can we take into account that this is a home competition?
– This city is a bit like Nizhniy Tagil. Native walls and home atmosphere are felt. As always, support in any case.

– On what grounds are the cities similar?
– There are no tall buildings, mostly five-story buildings. Everything is a little simple. Warmth in the soul becomes.

– There was a long time ago a meme associated with Tagil. Have there been any jokes on this topic in your life?
– Constantly. They constantly asked if I knew real guys about the Ural dialect. Some coaches said “Tagil rules!” Even at Khrustalny.

– Who is responsible for jokes on the team?
– Everybody jokes every day. The day does not go by without jokes.

– Who has the funniest jokes?
– I can’t say, everyone jokes funny.

– Are you sick of teasing on this topic, or are you used to it?
– They say and speak. Why not?

Alexander Mysyakin, Sport24

Kostornaya explained why Tutberidze laughed at her

The coaches were not exactly shocked, but rather laughed at me and my girlish memory. Because during the track I forgot the track. I tried to rectify the situation, made two incomprehensible movements, it was in the middle, yes. (smiles) But in general, I did not do anything adequate, because I got both blocks on my right leg. It only got worse. But this is a passing stage, it says that you need to be attentive not only to jumps, but also to the rest of the program.

Alexander Mysyakin, Sport24

Valieva was nervous

– It seemed a little nervous before the start.
– did not seem (laughs)… So, it was nervous to skate, – Sport24 correspondent Konstantin Lesik reports the words of Valieva.

– Already it seems like I’m used to performing for adults, what happened?
– At the end of the season I was also so nervous. Rather, I’m just very nervous, which is absolutely impossible to do. I was calm even at six minutes, but I got out at six minutes, I was immediately overwhelmed.

– Did you make mistakes today because of your nerves?
– Most likely yes, because in training I did not always skate cleanly. But at six minutes I collected this first half, it seemed, it was necessary to calmly. But she began to wind herself up again.

– Three quads, triple axel – crazy set. How physically difficult is it to roll out?
– It’s hard, of course, but it’s still the beginning of the season. I think it will be easier at the next starts.

– That is, this is a working set, it will be so for the season?
– Yes.

– “Bolero” for the second year in a row. With what emotions do you skate this production?
– I try to skate more maturely, but so far not very successful (laughs)… But I go out into the adult season, I have to be more confident than I am now. Because of uncertainty, you begin to restrain your movements, you restrict your movements – you get porridge, you get porridge – there is no program.

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