Formula 2: Sunday race won by Oscar Piastri

The third race of the weekend in Monza, held on Sunday, is considered the main one in Formula 2, it takes place with a mandatory pit stop, its duration is one hour or 170 km, whichever comes first.

The starting order in it was determined by the qualification, which took place back on Friday, and then Oscar Piastri, the Prema racer and Robert Schwarzman’s partner, leading in the individual competition of the youth championship, drove the fastest lap on the track in Monza.

The 20-year-old Australian had a start from pole, Jehan Daruwala, Carlin driver, winner of yesterday’s second sprint, also started the race from the first row. On the second starting row were cars from Guan Yu Zhou, only 8 points behind Piastri in the individual competition, and Liam Lawson, New Zealand’s Hitech driver.

Schwartzman, who rose to the podium yesterday, did not have the best Friday qualifier, so today he started from 12th position.

Before the start, Piastri said that starting from pole was, of course, pleasant, but it was not yet a fact that this was the most favorable position in Monza. And Zhou promised to act aggressively in the first lap and break forward.

The Chinese rider partially managed to fulfill this promise as soon as the traffic lights went out – at the start he immediately ahead of Daruwala and went to the 2nd position. Piastri managed to maintain the lead. His Russian partner played a couple of positions and was in tenth place.

But already on the first lap, the car of Guillermo Samai, who was riding in the very tail of the peloton, turned around, it flew to the side of the road, hit a barrier, then bounced back onto the track and stalled, blocking it. The virtual safety car (VSC) mode was immediately introduced, and soon Bernd Maylander brought a real safety car to the track.

When a restart was given on the fifth lap, Piastri had to defend against Guan Yu Zhou, however, in the second chicane already in the second chicane, Liam Lawson beautifully outstripped Liam Lawson and took 2nd place.

But Lirim Zendeli managed to take the position away from Schwarzman, and after six laps Robert was driving 11th.

The first to go to the obligatory pit stop was Ralph Boschung, and it was very early, however, Campos Racing mechanics fiddled with the rear right wheel, and it is not surprising that the Swiss was the last to return to the track.

Meanwhile, there were rearrangements in the top ten, the reason for which was that in the second chicane, Dan Tiktum crashed into Jüri Vips’s car from behind, after which the Estonian stopped on the track.

The safety car left again, and many of the riders went to the pits to change the tires. But five have so far refrained from this, including Tiktum, a participant in the incident with Vips. Although the Briton’s car was damaged, he stayed on the track and even took the lead in the race. True, the struggle on the track did not resume immediately due to the departure of Marino Sato, but on the 12th lap a restart was finally given.

Guan Yu Zhou was ahead of Dhehan Daruwala, but he, trying to recoup, in the second chicane drove off the track and cut the turn. Although the Indian was in front, he had to give up the position, but at the beginning of the next round, he again attacked the opponent and still outstripped him. True, there was contact between their cars – in fact, Daruwala knocked Zhou off the road.

As a result of this protracted duel, Zhou nevertheless came out ahead and rode third, but the stewards became interested in the circumstances of his duel with Daruwala. However, everything ended without consequences for both.

Piastri started the 15th lap in third position, ahead of Marcus Armstrong, but followed the New Zealander ahead of Zhou. Then both went around and Christian Lundgard, which allowed Oscar to move to the second position, and the Chinese to close the top three. Tiktum was still in the lead, but he still had a pit stop.

At this stage of the race, Schwarzman was in ninth place and pursued Enzo Fittipaldi almost closely, their cars were separated by less than three tenths of a second. On the 21st lap, Robert managed to get ahead of the Brazilian debutant and win back one more position. Lawson was supposed to be his next target, but the car of the New Zealand driver Hitech was three seconds ahead.

However, Liam suddenly slowed down and stopped at the start-finish line – it turned out that the fire extinguishing system worked on his car, although there was no fire. For the third time, a safety car drove onto the track, and the Carlin team finally decided that it was time to call Tiktum to the pits.

Oscar Piastri moved to the leading position, followed by Guan Yu Zhou, and Theo Pursher, who had previously fought Daruwala on the track for a long time, came in third.

Schwartzman on the restart was behind Jehan’s car in 5th position, having the opportunity to compete for higher places. However, there were only five laps left before the finish line, and Dan Tiktum was riding in 11th position on a completely new soft rubber, who made a pit stop one of the last.

After the restart, Zhou tried to outrun Piastri before the second chicane, but Oscar held the position. Schwartzman had to fight with many rivals, but he still remained in fifth place. But Tiktum clearly overdid it and flew off the track in the second chicane, although he avoided more serious troubles and was already putting pressure on Robert.

The Russian driver resisted to the last, but at the beginning of the 28th lap, the Briton, on fresher tires, still beat him. Following Dan quickly finished with Daruwala and rushed after Pursher, intending at least to compete for the podium.

At the beginning of the penultimate lap, Tiktum overtook Pursher, but at that moment it became known that the stewards were interested in Dan’s actions, believing that he had violated certain instructions from the race direction. Those. Although Tiktum made his way to third place, he was threatened with a fine.

On the same lap, Bent Viskal and David Beckman managed to collide – both dropped out of the fight, while the safety car again left, and it turned out that the race was finishing behind the safety car.

As a result, Bernd Maylander’s red Mercedes was the first to cross the finish line, and the victory went to Oscar Piastri, who was following him, which allowed the Australian to strengthen his leadership in the individual competition. It is symbolic that Guang Yu Zhou, occupying the second place in the championship, took second place today. For Piastri, this is only his second win of the season and his first in the weekend’s main race.

Tiktum took third place, although his further fate depends on the decision of the stewards.

Robert Shvartsman saw the checkered flag only sixth, but this gave him 8 points, so the Russian driver remained third in the individual classification.

Results of Sunday race in Monza

Pilot Command Time / Difference
1.O. Piastri Prema 56: 39.491
2.G. Yu Zhou Virtuosi +1.043
3. D. Tiktum Carlin +1.818
4. T. Purscher ART Grand Prix +2.066
5.D.Daruwala Carlin +2.445
6.R.Schwartzman Prema +2.728
7.R.Ferskhor MP Motorsport +3.330
8.L. Zendeli MP Motorsport +3.560
9.R.Nissani DAMS +3.964
10.M. Armstrong DAMS +4.477
11.K.Lundgard ART Grand Prix +5.015
12.E. Fittipaldi Charouz racing system +8.690
13.R.Boshung Campos racing +8.793
14.F.Drugovich Virtuosi +10.106
15. D. Hughes HWA Racelab +17.038
16.B. Fiscal Trident +2 laps
17. D. Beckman Campos racing +2 laps
– L. Lawson Hitech GP descent
– A. Deledda HWA Racelab descent
– M. Sato Trident descent
– J. Vips Hitech GP descent
– G. Samaya Charouz racing system descent

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