From head to toe in leather: Kim Kardashian in a bow from Balenciaga hit the lenses of the paparazzi

The reality star and influencer hit the paparazzi lenses in an unusual way – she was from head to toe in a leather bow from Balenciaga.

Wherever it appears Kim Kardashian, she always provokes the public and the media talks about her. Her new release was no exception.

The Instagram star has arrived in New York. The paparazzi caught her outside the Ritz Carlton. Kim was dressed head to toe in a total black leather bow from Balenciaga. She was wearing a cloak with a belt, leggings, gloves and stiletto heels.

Kim Kardashian / Getty Images

The main detail of the Kardashian outfit was a balaclava mask on the head with zippers and a ponytail hole at the back of the head.

Kim Kardashian / Getty Images

Kim Kardashian / Getty Images

The reality star complemented her bow with a white Balenciaga handbag encrusted with crystals.

Kim Kardashian / Getty Images

Kim is attending the biggest event in the fashion world – the Met Gala, which will take place on Monday, September 13 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The theme of this year’s ball is: In America: A lexicon of Fashion “. We are already in anticipation, what kind of image did Kardashian choose for the Costume Institute Ball? We are sure she will definitely surprise everyone.

Recall that Kim’s ex-husband, Kanye West, recently staged a performance at the stadium dedicated to the presentation of his new album Donda. Kim took part in it. She appeared in the finale of the performance wearing a Balenciaga bridal gown from the Fall / Winter 2021 collection, which debuted at Paris Fashion Week in July. The star had a veil on her head that completely covered her face and arms, and her hair was braided into a long braid.

Kim Kardashian / Instagram Kim Kardashian

In addition, Kim posted on her Instagram pictures from a photo shoot dedicated to the new album of Kanye Donda. In some pictures, West is shown with a balaclava on his head. And in other photos – Kim appears with a balaclava on his head.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West / Instagram Kim Kardashian

Interestingly, the release of the Kardashians in New York in a balaclava mask has something to do with the album of her ex-husband?

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