God of War Development Lead Ragnarok Explains Why Thor Will Be Fat

Thor’s appearance became the reason for numerous jokes. Some don’t even want to buy the game. The development manager tried to justify the choice of such dimensions of the character.

Fans represented the appearance of the god of thunder and lightning in different ways. Recently, the developers showed Thor. The Santa Monica Studio version of the character had questions, especially the belly.

God of War Ragnarok Development Lead Eric Williams tried to explain the character’s “rounded” physique: “You see, we just wanted him to [Тор] was a big boy. Interpretation [Тора] MCU is one thing, but we wanted to dive into the mythology a bit.

[Крупных людей] immediately notice. And it’s not always just the muscles. You see, it’s like a man-wall. And this [Тор] wall god [«божественная стена»], you see, and therefore [габариты Тора] were very important. “

It is worth noting that the impressive dimensions are just appearance, Eric explains: “I wanted him to [Тор] looked like a grown child, you know, if you have so much strength and you can afford to do things like that [которые делает Тор], you are not going to grow up. You it [взросление] and it is not necessary. You just do what you want. “

Previously, the writer of God of War Ragnarok recommended that the dissatisfied find another game.

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