Hamilton: Max knew exactly what was going to happen

For Lewis Hamilton, the race at Monza ended with a collision with Max Verstappen. Before heading to the stewards, the seven-time world champion shared his views on the incident.

Lewis Hamilton: “The wheel of Max’s car was at some point a few centimeters from my head, but nothing happened, I’m fine.

I struggled to the limit, overtook Lando Norris and lead the race. Then the team called me into the pits, the pit stop dragged on a little – it seems we lost one or two seconds. I returned to the track, saw a McLaren car rushed past, and Max was approaching from behind. I left him enough space on the outside of the track, was the first to enter the first turn, was the first to enter the second, and the next moment Max’s car flew over my head.

In the same way Max acted against me at the beginning of the race in the fourth corner. Then I was on the outside, like Max before our collision, and then I refused to continue the attack, and Max did not refuse in the first turn. Well, these are the races. Having directed the car into the second turn, Max knew exactly what would happen, he knew that he would jump on the curb, but continued moving. Now we will both go to the stewards, I have nothing more to say.

At the pit stop, I lost two seconds, it’s a shame. At the decisive moment, we must act flawlessly, but today it did not work out. Well, this will be a lesson for us.

Will Max and I discuss what happened? I think we will talk and they will call us to the stewards. “

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