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Ukrainian athlete Yaroslava Maguchikh was forced to explain why she took a photo with Maria Lasitskene after the final of the Diamond League. According to her, all the participants of the tournament were photographed at the request of Kamila Litsvinko, who is ending her career. The Ukrainian also urged subscribers to stop insulting her. In an interview with RT, world champion and commentator Yolanda Chen expressed regret that, against the background of persecution at home, the bronze medalist of the Olympics is simply afraid of being next to a Russian woman in public space. And her colleague Olga Bogoslovskaya, on the contrary, assured that the incident would not affect the relations of the athletes in any way.

“Do not incite nonsense from scratch”

After the final of the Diamond League in Zurich, the Ukrainian athlete Yaroslava Maguchikh, performing in the high jump, had to make excuses again for a joint photo with Russian woman Maria Lasitskene. She published a post on her Facebook page in which she explained in detail what happened.

First of all, the athlete urged subscribers to stop insulting her and start “using the time to good use.” She also gave advice to journalists. According to the bronze medalist of the Tokyo Olympics, they should think first and write later.

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“It hurts and scares”: how Maguchikh was persecuted in Ukraine for a photo with Lasitskene

Ukrainian athlete Yaroslava Maguchikh was harshly criticized at home for a joint photo with Russian woman Maria Lasitskene after …

“As for the photo, it was taken at the request of the jumper Kamila Litsvinko, who is ending her career and wanted to capture these memories. And now the climax: it’s not Maria who hugs me, but Nicola McDermott, the representative of Australia. Be careful, please. Everyone is good, but I went on vacation, ”wrote Maguchikh.

Another scandal erupted due to a post on Instagram, which was published by another participant in the final of the Diamond League, Eleanor Patterson. Moreover, not only Ukrainian and Russian women, but also their rivals got into the frame. However, firstly, Yaroslava and Maria are standing side by side. And secondly, one gets the impression that the winner of the competition hugged the Ukrainian woman by the shoulder, although later Maguchikh explained that this was not so.

Lasitskene’s husband and famous commentator Vladas Lasickas wrote about this on Twitter the day before. The journalist urged not to provoke a new scandal: “The hand of Maria hugging Yaroslava” is the hand of Nikola. Kamila Litsvinko (in the foreground) retires and took a picture with all the girls. Do not ignite … from scratch. “

Despite this, Maguchikh was again persecuted at home. In social networks, she was harshly criticized for the “photo with the enemy.” Some ill-wishers lamented that what happened at the Olympic Games in Tokyo did not teach the athlete anything. Others urged her to change her citizenship and leave for Russia. There were even compatriots who called to sue Yaroslava and force her to return the funds spent by the state.

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It is curious that literally a day before the final of the Diamond League, the Minister of Sports of Ukraine Vadym Gutsait spoke on this topic. According to him, after returning from Tokyo, a conversation was held with the young jumper, and she “understood everything.”

“It was an experience. Our Paralympians went to Japan after the Olympics. And this became an example of how to treat athletes from Russia. You saw how we met the Maguchikhs. She is very educated, understands everything. It so happened, she had emotions … And we talked with other athletes, with the heads of federations, so that they also work on this. Just an example of how to control emotions in a competition, “- said the official on the air” Gromadske “.

“The girl brings glory to her country, but is persecuted for nonsense”

Experts interviewed by RT only regretted the girl who had to face pressure at home because of banal photos with a rival. Thus, the world champion in the triple jump and well-known commentator Yolanda Chen called for the national federations to be fined for such incidents, since they violate the principles of the IOC.

“It is no coincidence that before the start of the Olympic Games in Tokyo the slogan“ Faster. Above. Stronger – together. ” This unity was officially emphasized. And if the Maguchikh have problems because of the photo, this is a direct violation of the IOC prescription. It is impossible to comment on idiocy. All right, Maguchikh would be in the same frame with Vladimir Putin, hugging him and standing on a pedestal. In such a situation, the reaction of the Ukrainians could still be understood. But what does Masha Lasitskene have to do with it? Chen wondered.

In her opinion, the bullying that the 19-year-old athlete underwent in Ukraine has led to the fact that now she is trite afraid to once again intersect with a Russian woman in public space.

“It is very difficult, because at competitions all athletes are together and Maguchikh simply cannot leave the common sector and jump in some other sector. If that’s how you feel about what is happening, organize her separate tournaments. This is some kind of phantasmagoria, and I am wildly sorry for Yaroslav. She is a great athlete. The girl brings glory to her country, but is persecuted for nonsense, ”added Chen.

In turn, her colleague in journalism and Olympic silver medalist in relay race Olga Bogoslovskaya emphasized that sometimes it is simply impossible for track and field athletes to avoid getting into joint shots.

“Nothing surprises me anymore. In an insane asylum, for example, you can witness even more exciting stories. Someone in Ukraine has gone to waste. So what? We shouldn’t be like. Maguchikh made her choice. Even though she had to make excuses later, she still took a picture with Lasitskene. Thus, she demonstrated all her attitude to the current situation. I wouldn’t talk about courage. Yaroslava just acts logically. And people who make decisions have never been inside the competitive process and do not know its laws. Believe me, athletes do everything automatically. So Maguchikh acts according to intuition. Does she now need to ignore requests for a joint photo? Then the Ukrainian will show disrespect for her rivals, ”the commentator said.

However, according to her, everything that happens should not affect the personal relationships of the girls.

“Understand that such things are unlikely to reach Masha. She had enough of her own problems. For example, three months before the Olympic Games, Lasitskene was injured and was as far as possible from the media, especially the Ukrainian ones. But she also made it clear on social networks. Masha showed that nothing would affect her relationship with the Maguchikhs. And now she is facing much more important tasks than answering some officials and senile people from any side, ”added Bogoslovskaya.

“Information special operations”

The first high-profile scandal with a joint frame of athletes occurred at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Then they, at the end of the competition, embracing, posed together with the flags of Ukraine and the ROC. After that, the bronze medalist underwent a real persecution and even received a call for a conversation with the country’s Ministry of Defense.

“The careless behavior of our athletes, whom we love and for whom we sincerely root, can become the object of information special operations of the enemy,” explained the deputy head of the department Anna Malyar.

However, not everyone supported the persecution. So, the bronze medalist of the Games karate Stanislav Goruna in a harsh manner urged not to mix sports with politics and not to make a scandal out of the blue.

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“The pedestal is a unique and exclusive place of respect that brings successful athletes together in the moment through their self-improvement and performance. No more, no less. There is no “betrayal” in the photo of the Maguchikhs from Lasitskene, ”the karateka wrote.

Apparently, after this story, the Ukrainian Paralympians received appropriate recommendations, which led to a new, not very beautiful story. At the awards ceremony after the end of the 100m race, Igor Tsvetov, who won silver, refused to be photographed with the Russians Dmitry Safronov and Artyom Kalashyan on the podium. The Ukrainian walked away from them at a distance of a meter.

The IPC and RPC suggested that the sprinter did this because he did not want to violate the strict coronavirus restrictions and sought to maintain social distance. However, he himself did not confirm this version on social networks.

“Someone sees disrespect for their rivals, while others see respect for Ukraine. To each his own … With Ukraine in his heart, “the athlete wrote on Facebook.

It is curious that at a distance of 200 m Tsvetov again got on the podium with Safronov and Kalashyan, but for the second time he refused to take a joint photo with the Russians.

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