Is Wolverine going to Madripoor? Parsing references from Marvel’s Wolverine teaser for PlayStation 5

Debut teaser exclusive Marvel’s wolverine for Playstation 5 did not reveal many details, but turned out to be rich in various references, thanks to which the alleged location of the game became known

The events of the video take place in a bar after Wolverine’s fight with a gang of thugs. Among the inscriptions on the wall, you can see its name – The Princess BarIn the Marvel comics, this establishment was located in the lower district of a fictional island nation. Madripoor and was Logan’s favorite place… Several tourist posters mentioning the country also confirm that Wolverine is located there, and some signs are written in Tamil, one of the main languages ​​of Singapore, which is located near neighboring Madripoor.

In addition, in the scene where we are shown close-ups of Wolverine’s claws, you can see a black blindfold lying on the table, also having a connection with the comics. At one time, Logan was hiding in Madripoor under the name Patchwearing a blindfold to preserve identity

Another interesting point is the green statuette on the bar counter, repeating the view of the temple of the mother goddess Davie Nucky – one of several deities worshiped by the inhabitants of Madripoor.

The same frame shows the Canadian license plate HLK 181, which refers to Wolverine’s debut in Issue 181 of The Incredible Hulk 1962 comic, as well as a sticker of the 1048 FM radio station on the refrigerator, which appears to be a reference to The earth-1048, where the events of Marvel’s Spider-Man take place.

As for Wolverine himself, he was shown only from the back, so it is not yet known what his image will be, but the clothes are as canonical as possible in comics, where the character also liked to wear plaid shirts and cowboy hats.

The authors have already confirmed that the events of “Wolverine” will unfold in the same world with Marvel’s Spider-Man from the same studio Insomniac Gameswhich paves the way for friendly neighbor cameos and other intersections with Spider-Man games.

The project is at an early stage of development. Besides him, the studio is engaged in a sequel to Spider-Man, which is expected in 2023.

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