Jennifer Lawrence and her most expensive Christian Dior dress in Oscar history

If you think about what law all industries are subject to today, it will easily become clear – monetization. Show business and the red carpet in particular are no exception. So, the 2010s became the era of ambassadors – fashion houses “buy” celebrities, and now we can easily guess with one hundred percent probability whose dress Margot Robbie, Alicia Vikander or Charlotte Gainsbourg will wear on the red carpet. And if it is customary today to look at many actors and actresses with sympathy and wish them the soonest expiration of contracts with brands, then Jennifer Lawrence’s fate was extremely successful – in 2012 she signed a contract with Christian Dior – this meant that she should not only act in films in campaigns, but also appear exclusively in dresses designed by Raf Simons.

Jennifer Lawrence received her first Oscar nomination at the age of 20 – not a record age in this category, but proving the actor’s ambitions. Real success came to her in 2012 – after the role of the mutant Mystic in “X-Men” and “The Hunger Games”, which made the actress a sex symbol among teenagers. When Lawrence won her first Oscar for her role in My Boyfriend Is Crazy, she was only 22 – and Dior was forever a part of this memorable event. At the ceremony, the actress appeared in a luxurious powdery pink dress with an open shoulder line and a fluffy skirt resembling an open bud from the Christian Dior Couture Spring-Summer 2013 collection. Thanks to Jennifer Lawrence, it subsequently doubled in price, thus taking away from the dress For Nicole Kidman, John Galliano is the most expensive outfit in Oscar history.

Judging by the fact that celebrities often appear in dresses that are extremely unsuccessful for them, they completely obey the brands with which they are bound. Lawrence also maintained subordination, which she herself repeatedly confirmed with the words: “I put on everything that Raph tells me to.” We can understand her – Simons is never wrong and he did not miscalculate with the dress for the Oscar-2013. Lawrence herself saw and put on an outfit for the first time exactly on the day of the ceremony. “I tried on the dress in the morning, and, thank God, it fit me in size,” the fearless actress later shared. The outfit required a certain handling – the train was very long, and the fabric was heavy, so you had to carry it in front of you, literally pushing it forward. Hearing her name after the phrase “Oscar goes to”, Jennifer completely forgot about it, and the criticism “kick and walk” from excitement echoed in her mind as “cakewalk”. That day turned out to be extremely nervous for Lawrence – due to stress, she literally forgot to eat and dreamed of McDonald’s. “The dress, fortunately, is very comfortable. The fact is that I am simply dying of hunger, and in such moments it is better to feel comfortable, ”the actress admitted to reporters already on the red carpet.

You all saw what happened next. The guests of the ceremony supported the actress with a standing ovation, but this only embarrassed her more. “You got up because you felt uncomfortable when I fell, and now I am terribly embarrassed. Lawrence improvised. “But thanks a lot anyway.” Her short speech went down in history as one of the most sincere, and her dress as the most expensive. Advertising during the Oscar broadcast costs almost one and a half million dollars – Lawrence’s release was delayed for several minutes, thereby becoming the brightest promotion of the creation of Raf Simons for Dior – its value ultimately amounted to four million. The embarrassment turned out to be a profit not only for the House, but also for the actress herself – the following year, Dior extended the contract with her for another three years.

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