Kim Kardashian’s big interview: on coronavirus, criminal law reform and working with Trump

Kim Kardashian's big interview: on coronavirus, criminal law reform and working with Trump

Kim Kardashian

39-year-old Kim Kardashian gave an interview to The Washington Post, in which she told what she does during isolation and how she exercises at home on a treadmill while her children sleep. The main topic of the conversation was the celebrity’s activities in the field of jurisprudence: despite the fact that the coronavirus has radically changed the course of Kim’s daily life, the reality star is still focused on helping prisoners.

Kim Kardashian

With coronavirus in prisons right now, people cannot do anything. There are so many people inside that are scared and no one visits the prisoners due to isolation. I would like the prisons to change the visiting regime and allow talking with prisoners on the phone,

– said the wife of Kanye West.

In 2018, US President Donald Trump commuted the sentence of Alice Marie Johnson (she was sentenced to life imprisonment) precisely at the request of the Kardashians, who was a supporter of criminal law reform.

The celebrity decided to use her influence in the media to protect and free the prisoners. Last year, in 90 days, the star managed to free 17 people sentenced to life imprisonment!

Kim Kardashian

The story of 62-year-old Alice, who has been imprisoned since 1996 for involvement in drug trafficking, was widely publicized in October 2017. Then the Mic portal published a video interview with a woman who was one of 3,278 American prisoners sentenced to life in prison for non-violent crimes.

Marie Johnson became a drug dealer during a difficult period in her life: she lost her job at the postal company due to her addiction to gambling, survived a divorce, and her youngest son died in an accident.

Kim, having learned the story of the woman, was so imbued that she undertook to actively help Alice Marie Johnson to get out of prison under an amnesty. In the end, she did it.

There is a problem of mass confinement in the United States. People deserve a second chance

Says the star, who has been studying law at a law firm in San Francisco since last year.

Kim Kardashian and Donald Trump
Kim Kardashian and Donald Trump

One of these days, a Kardashian documentary about the struggle for the fate of American prisoners sentenced to long terms will be released.

When she started working with the Trump administration in 2018, the Kardashians came under fire.

Don’t go to the White House if you don’t want your career to ruin, – she said in an interview.

However, Kim is not one of those who are intimidated by criticism.

I have always taken the position, “Okay, let my career or reputation suffer.” Their lives are more important to me than a bad story about me in the press. I have always wanted to fight for people who cannot fight for themselves, no matter which members of the government I work with,

– admitted the star.

In an interview, Kardashian noted that the children inspired her to fight discrimination against blacks.

I want to make sure my children have a better chance of living in a better world. In which there is no need to fear that because of the color of their skin they will be discriminated against,

– added Kim.

Kim Kardashian

While some remain skeptical about her work to liberalize the criminal system, Kardashian admits that it was a meaningful change for her. She remembered how she first became interested in the intricacies of the legal system thanks to the weekly “60 Minutes” TV series “NBC: Date” with her father, lawyer Robert Kardashian.

Now is a scary time and I hope people still empathize with those behind bars and scared like everyone else.

– explains Kardashian.

The owner of the beauty empire also spoke about what she does in isolation. When Kim and her husband Kanye West are not watching films or drawing with children, she dines with her mother, Kris Jenner, but sits at a safe distance from her at the dinner table.

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