Refused Apple Watch, regular watches and bracelets for a week. How it affected productivity and work

I’ve been wearing Apple Watch for 5 years. There were breaks, but they cannot be called long. I also used a couple of generations of Mi Band and an Honor smart bracelet. I have been wearing regular watches since 10 – more than 20 years. To be honest, I’m tired of it. Convenience is controversial, but there are few pluses.

Exactly a week ago, I decided to reduce the number of gadgets and other things that I regularly take with me. The first the clock went into the closet. Power supplies and cables also got there. Now with you only MacBook Air on M1, iPhone 11 and AirPods Pro.

Without a watch to me simpler work, and there are enough notifications on the smartphone. For a week with a free wrist, I realized not only this. I have laid out the impressions point by point, maybe you will find your motivation for the same experiment.

Yes, I consider the abandonment of wearable smart accessories in 2021 an experiment. So let’s start:

1. Notifications on smartwatches really need units

For notifications, the iPhone is more than enough, which is usually in sight

When I actively spent the first couple of days without smartwatches on my wrist, I finally realized that I did not use them at all to control notifications. I received all new messages and other important information using my iPhone.

Most of the time in front of my eyes is the MacBook Air screen, which is used to control business processes and professional activities. The computer is usually in Do Not Disturb mode, which hides notifications

💡 Interesting: To make sure of the dangers of regular notifications, I advise you to read the feature article on Business Insider. She confirms that they overload the brain, and it becomes much less efficient.

The iPhone, regardless of location, lies with the screen facing up next to the laptop. It includes only the most important notifications from Telegram, some other messengers, and an email client. There are relatively few of them.

If the message is urgent, I immediately open the required application on my Mac and reply to it. I postpone the rest until the end of the working day or some of the breaks. Thus trying to maximize my productivity

You can get rid of most of these notifications, and no one will regret it.

In addition to working at the computer, I also spend a significant part of my life behind the wheel. At this time, the iPhone is located on a magnetic holder and is in the field of view. On his screen, I see all the necessary notifications in full and without turning my wrist.

To keep myself in shape, I try to pedal on an ellipsoid at least a few times a week. At this time, I install an iPad on his head and watch Netflix and Apple TV +. There are no messengers on the tablet, so No and notifications.

All in all, specifically for me, notifications are not so importantto wear an extra gadget for them on their wrist.

2. While working at the MacBook, and so took off the watch in 95% of cases

Specifically, it is inconvenient for me to work at a laptop with a watch on my hand

As far back as I can remember, I always took off my watch when I worked at my laptop. To prevent the strap from clinging to the topcase, they have to be lifted too high on the wrist, which is not always convenient. A separate keyboard is easier, but it is very rare at hand.

I developed a strong habit, so I took off my Apple Watch even when I took out my laptop in a cafe or office cafeteria.

Yes, it is difficult for me to conduct intensive correspondence on the iPhone, so I do it on the MacBook, which always with myself.

As a result, lately, my wrists have often remained empty, even when I put on an Apple Watch or another watch, leaving the house. They just lay next to the laptop and waited for their time. The same thing happened with bracelets.

It turns out, trying to wear a watch for those short minutes when it is actually used, not so logical

3.The iPhone turns out to be an even more convenient means of controlling everything.

You need two hands to control smart and other watches

The main advantage of almost any smartphone in comparison with smartwatches is the ability to use it with one hand

I carry my smartphone in the left front pocket of shorts, sportswear or jeans. I easily take it out when the need arises, without using my right hand. The size of my iPhone 11, which I haven’t changed yet, is quite capable of doing this.

With Apple Watch, this technique will not work. Yes, you can view the time and other information on the smartwatch screen by simply lifting your wrist. But everything changes when something needs to be done on the clock. Has to connect your right hand for the display, knobs and buttons.

With a multifunctional watch without a “smart” prefix, the situation is even more deplorable… Setting the timer and cranking other operations with them turns out to be even more difficult due to the non-obviousness of the control. Getting a smartphone out of your pocket is definitely easier.

4. Most smartwatches and bracelets are unnecessary for training.

Such watches complement the sporty appearance of the wearer, but there is no practical use for them in training.

In the gym, more than once I drew attention to the guys who are trying to prepare as much as possible for physical activity. These are weighted with smartwatches, fitness bracelets, sports headphones and other stuff.

Among similar fashionistas there are usually no really experienced athletes who have achieved at least some level in any of the areas. During active training any additional tinsel usually only gets in the wayrather than helping. It is a fact.

It seems to me, the only one the scenario when a smartwatch is really needed is running. From the same Apple Watch at this time, you can also stream music to AirPods. They will also help control distance, pace and other parameters.

I cannot call myself an experienced or even just an active athlete. Therefore, correct if I am mistaken in this paragraph.

5. No need to worry about the watch during water procedures

It’s hard to say that any watch with moisture protection really loves meeting with water – especially with shampoo and other chemicals

Many will try to counter this statement. They say that the vast majority of gadgets worn on the wrist today have moisture protection. This applies to regular and smart watches, as well as a wide variety of fitness bracelets.

On the one hand, yes, it really is. On the other side, moisture protection usually concerns only clean fresh water

It is undesirable for any watches and other gadgets with the declared moisture protection to come into contact with salty sea water. After contact with it, it is highly desirable to rinse the device abundantly under running fresh water. Otherwise the device maybe get injured.

There is definitely no place for wrist accessories in baths and saunas. And they also need to be filmed in the shower. Moisture protection is usually implemented using conditionally rubber gaskets, which lose their properties after contact with shampoos and other agents.

And still not all watches are appropriate during active recreation associated with water. With a wakeboard, they for sure not compatible

6. Choosing watches or bands for Apple Watch is no longer necessary

Not all Apple Watch bands in my modest collection

I always believed that ordinary or smart watches, first of all, act as an addition to the wearer’s appearance. Since most often I do not wear gold or other jewelry, they should have emphasized my style and “Unsurpassed taste”

Of course, the last phrase does not need to be taken seriously, because you definitely cannot call me a mod. However, in my youth, I always had several pairs of watches for different clothes, and by the time I reached maturity, I acquired a whole collection of Apple Watch straps.

Lately, especially when going on trips, always took a whole fan of smartwatch bracelets with me… One to match the color of the shoes, the other, as expected, for a bright accent. All this has sunk into oblivion with the abandonment of smartwatches. Breathing has become easier.

No need to spend precious minutes choosing a strap, as well as buying new ones for clothes. It’s corny, but very cool.

Summing Up: Less Is Better Works

An iPhone is enough for notifications. It may be convenient for someone to duplicate “push notifications” for hours. But I don’t always need it.

It is inconvenient for a laptop with a clock. I used to take off my Apple Watch myself when I was using one of my favorite MacBooks.

The watch is inconveniently duplicating a smartphone. To control wearable electronics, you need two hands, and not one, as with the same iPhone.

In training, gadgets are superfluous. During physical activity, it is best to minimize the number of gadgets that can be distracting.

The clock interferes with outdoor activities. Most watches will fail very quickly. Especially on an active beach holiday.

The watch may not be a style item. Today, clothes have too many different details.

I don’t know if I will wear any watch in the future after a week without it. I think it should be done according to the mood. I wanted to put it on. If you want to take a break from everything, you can go for a walk without a smartphone. A change of scenery will not be superfluous.

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