Ryan Reynolds poked his wife Blake Lively again

Актер рассказал звезде “Сплетницы”, каких парней ей стоит избегать. 
Trolling War: Ryan Reynolds teased his wife Blake Lively again - Photo 1

Each married couple has their own behaviors when it comes to foreplay. However, among the stellar examples Blake blows Lively and Ryan Reynolds, perhaps the strangest and funniest. The actors already have three children, but this does not prevent them from sometimes behaving even worse than their children. Eight years of marriage, the star of “Deadpool” and the main beauty of “Gossips” amuse themselves, teasing and bantering.

So, the couple is known for their eternal jokes on social networks, trolling each other and practical jokes. They love to dishonor their soul mate, congratulate them on their birthday by displaying the strangest photos and in every possible way stir up the interest of fans in themselves with the help of stupid jokes.

This time, Ryan started a new wave of trolling, mentioning Blake in the comments to the user’s post. Frida Mom, which recommended “what men to avoid after having children.” Reynolds could not resist, and noted his wife, adding that, of course, she might not like it. No one doubted that the Hollywood actor would forget about his joker wife when it came to such a huge trolling.

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Trolling War: Ryan Reynolds again teased his wife Blake Lively -Photo 2

“This applies to all new mothers: 6 weeks old and 0 boys. Do not forget that before that you carried a child in your womb. I’m talking about guys making the postpartum life even harder, ”wrote the girl whose post triggered Reynolds’ imagination.

Blake Lively has yet to respond to Ryan’s comment, although we can assume she is already planning her next move on social media.

In fact, just a few days ago, the actress trolled your spouse, mentioning the drooling desserts.

If you don’t know the last joke yet, then we’ll tell you. Blake Lively decided to share a list of my favorite sweets from Vancouver. So, she mentioned special donuts, ice cream and cake. Fourth? More desserts!

Blake, whose husband is from Vancouver, teased her followers, “Who else do you think I was going to add to the list?”

She also added an emoticon Deadpool in the corner of his post.

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