Selena Gomez thanks her friend who donated a kidney for her

In 2017, the singer underwent an organ transplant.

Yesterday, March 11, was World Kidney Day. In honor of this, Selena Gomez’s friend Francia Rice, who donated her kidney to the singer almost four years ago, wrote a post on this topic on Twitter.

“If you followed me, you know, I said little about my kidney donation. But now I am at a stage where I can confidently share my experience and use my platform to raise awareness about kidney disease and the impact of these diseases on people. And although I personally have not experienced it, I have observed it and I want to tell others about it. Let’s talk about this issue in honor of World Kidney Day and discuss how we can help people with kidney disease, ”Rice wrote in her account.

Selena repost her friend’s notes on her page and left a comment: “Thank you for saving me. I will be forever grateful to you. “

Gomez underwent a kidney transplant in 2017. This has become a necessity due to the complications of lupus. Since then, Selena has been actively supporting people who share her experience. When discussing his surgery in interviews, Gomez speaks warmly and gratefully about Francia every time.

“Lupus in itself was a huge challenge, and the kidney story was even scarier because there was a real chance of dying. The operation was supposed to last two hours, but due to complications it was done for seven hours. This is what makes me get up and walk. I am happy that at least I am alive, ”the singer shared in an interview.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Yana Shelekhova

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