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Among nanobloggers, authors in the categories “Dietitians and Doctors”, “Family and Children” and “Personal Blog about Life” receive the least for advertising – an average of 2 thousand rubles.

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The authors of the study also draw attention to the fact that with an increase in the number of subscribers, price differentiation between bloggers from different categories increases. For example, top actor bloggers earn 130% more than their Style & Fashion peers with the same reach.

How the pandemic has sparked advertisers’ interest in virtual influencers

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What factors affect the cost of advertising


Male bloggers can, on average, claim higher ad revenue, Yoloco analysts say. This is due to their smaller number, which, as the authors of the study note, leads to an imbalance between supply and demand. For example, mini-bloggers men on average charge 9.5 thousand rubles for advertising, while women – only 7.5 thousand rubles. For top bloggers, this difference is already, according to Yoloco, 173 thousand against 118 thousand rubles, respectively.

But there is an exception: large accounts (1-2 million subscribers) show the opposite situation. In this group of bloggers, women earn an average of 20% more per advertising post. Yoloco experts attribute this to the fact that there are many “bloggers-moms” in this group.


Top bloggers from St. Petersburg are on average 13% more expensive than from Moscow: 173 thousand rubles against 150 thousand rubles. Analysts associate this with a special “St. Petersburg school of blogging”: they are more creative and, due to this, show better results for brands, and therefore are valued higher.

But in Moscow there are more expensive bloggers in the range from 1 million to 2 million subscribers: 53.6 thousand rubles versus 45.6 thousand rubles. In Petersburg. Nano-, micro- and mini-bloggers get about the same everywhere. At the same time, experts also observe a tendency to place advertisements among niche nano- and micro-bloggers from certain regions. Such bloggers are inexpensive, but most of their audience lives in the cities needed for the brand and advertising campaign.

Verified account

Bloggers with an account verified by the platform moderators (marked with a blue checkmark) can also request 10.5 times more for advertising. Such a strong influence of this factor on pricing is due to the fact that such a blogger is often a significant person or a public figure. The customer is always ready to overpay for advertising in a confirmed account, even if he has an inactive or irrelevant audience, the authors of the study say.

What Russian bloggers write about on Instagram and how businesses can use it

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Five facts to note for a blogger

  • Bloggers, who are more likely to post photos with their pets, ask for ads 50% more, with cars – 90%.
  • The more often a blogger posts on Instagram, the higher the average cost of an advertising story. Moreover, it is the number of videos that is important. Those who prefer this format can claim a 20% mark-up.
  • Users with a detailed description of their account receive an average of 20% less per placement. Practice shows that top bloggers and stars strive to describe their page as succinctly as possible. For example, Morgenstern leaves the contacts of his managers and a link to his new album, Yuri Dud – a link to an up-to-date interview on YouTube and a short description. Novice bloggers are forced to provide more information about themselves so that potential advertisers and new subscribers understand as accurately as possible what their blog is about.
  • Users who publish information about cosmetics more often than others ask for advertising 20% ​​less. This is due to the balance of supply and demand: according to Yoloco, there are “too many” makeup artists on Instagram lately.
  • Authors of accounts with many photos with children receive 25% more for advertising. Having children attracts an audience that responds as positively as possible to the content.

Morgenstern bypassed Sobchak, Timati and Shnurov in the Forbes star rating

Morgenstern (Alisher Valeev)

Top 5 most valuable bloggers

Singer Alisher Morgenstern, who has 7.6 million followers on Instagram, according to Yoloco estimates, can receive about 2 million rubles for one advertising story. In second place is blogger Alexandra Mitroshina, who talks about her life, feminism, travel and sports, with 2.5 million subscribers. The cost of advertising on its page, according to the authors of the study, can reach 1 million rubles. Blogger Dina Saeva, who publishes her photos, closes the top three – 7.5 million subscribers and about 600 thousand rubles for advertising. Comedian Mikhail Galustyan and model Anastasia Reshetova can take 500 thousand rubles each, singer Sergei Lazarev – 350 thousand rubles, comedian Anton Shastun – 300 thousand rubles.

Reshetova’s representative said that the model’s price for a series of three stories in a row on Instagram starts at 400 thousand rubles. A mark-up is taken for the promotion of pharmaceutical companies, banks, personal accounts, as well as for an unusual creative task. Fortune-tellers, clinics, cosmetologists and dentists, small and new brands, as well as specialists who cannot confirm their education with state diplomas are refused, the interlocutor of RBC emphasized.

The cost of advertising in Galustyan’s stories, as follows from the price list provided by the artist’s director Tabriz Shahidi, is 800 thousand rubles, prepayment is 100%. Applications for the promotion of “pharmaceuticals, alcohol, smoking, incentive courses, financial advisors and casinos” are not considered. Political advertising is also discouraged. The need to travel around Moscow for filming increases the cost of integration by 50-100%. TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva, whose interests are also represented by Shakhidi, advertise in stories costs 500 thousand rubles, Dmitry Dibrov – 80 thousand rubles, Leonid Yakubovich – 90 thousand rubles, Boris Korchevnikov – 250 thousand rubles.

Representatives of other bloggers included in Yoloco’s rating did not respond to RBC’s inquiries.

What the specialized agencies say

The head of the United Bloggers’ Agency Vladimir Alekseev said that his agency conventionally divides accounts into three categories. Ordinary Internet bloggers, known only on Instagram, with an audience of 1 million subscribers, can receive from 25 thousand rubles for advertising in stories. For popular bloggers, recognizable in the media sphere and taking part in TV shows and advertising campaigns of large customers, the cost doubles. For celebrities – stars and celebrities with a large audience – three. With an audience of more than 2 million, the indicated value also doubles.

There are increasing coefficients for different types of advertising: promotion of casinos, bookmakers, “dubious advertisers” will be two to three times more expensive. Influences, according to Alekseev, and the theme of the blogger himself. The cheapest advertising is from prankers and weiners (authors of short videos without strict topics), the most expensive is from business accounts (for example, entrepreneur Kurban Omarov and realtor Vadim Bogach), “mummies” (Alexandra Artemova and Sofia Leke Tessa) and tech bloggers ( Vlad Filatov, reviewing gadgets in video games).

For top bloggers with 10-15 million subscribers, the cost of one advertising story will cost 300-400 thousand rubles, says Alexander Jafarov, Marketing Director of the GetBlogger platform. For some stars, the price reaches 600 thousand rubles. Bloggers with an audience of 1 to 2 million have an average price of 80-150 thousand rubles per story. The main criterion for the cost of advertising integration is the reach of subscribers that a blogger can provide. Some celebrities also have a markup for “fame”, adds Jafarov.

The Players Team, an advertising agency for bloggers and celebrities, reported that the price of advertising in stories varies from 100 thousand to 1 million rubles. The impact on the price list, first of all, is not the number of subscribers, but the coverage of one story. The agency pays attention to the type of brand, also confirming that it will have to pay extra for the promotion of drugs and dietary supplements.

More expensive will be an order that involves a blogger visiting a brand event or shooting with an operator and a makeup artist, as well as an urgent project. The postpaid format will increase the cost of the fee. In addition, before the New Year, placement is usually more expensive due to greater demand. But in the summer, prices usually go down, they were encouraged by the agency.

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