The club was not saved even by a powerful transfer campaign

On 11 September Arsenal took their first points in the 2021/22 Premier League season. After a disgusting game in the first three rounds and well-deserved defeats, the Gunners beat Norwich in the fourth round (1: 0). The victory should not be overestimated, because only the worst team in the league was beaten. Online edition “” talks about haphazard and dubious transfers, naive plans of the head coach, poor form of key players and other problems of Arsenal.

How Arsenal play in the first games of the season

In the first round with Brentford, a number of players did not play for Arsenal for various reasons. Pepe, Smith Rowe, Tierney, Leno, Jaka are the only ones who play regularly to make the starting lineup. Lacazette and Aubameyang, who were ill, could not take part in the meeting. In that meeting, “Brentford” did nothing but stretch the defense of the “Gunners”, ran out into dangerous counterattacks, and in the middle of the second half seized the initiative and justly scored twice.

In the second round there was a derby with Chelsea. Mikel Arteta decided to play in the best traditions of Pep Guardiola – he tried to include intense pressure. But only the Gunners could not keep up with the skilled players of the Blues. Lukaku constantly found opportunities to break away from Arsenal’s defense. The Gunners’ defensive line regularly made mistakes and created free space for opponents.

If in the matches against Brentford and Chelsea, Arsenal got off with losses 0: 2, then in the third round, Manchester City pointed out to Artete all his problems. Even if we do not take into account the removal of Dzhaki, the “townspeople” simply erased the “Gunners” – 5: 0. Guardiola’s men struck 25 shots, 10 of which were on target. But Arteta’s team had only one shot towards the goal. Arsenal last lost three of their opening matches of the season 67 years ago.

In the fourth round, the Gunners defeated the worst team in the league, Norwich (1: 0). Londoners struck 30 shots on goal, of which 21 – from outside the penalty area. The opponent struck 10 shots on goal, but there was no dominance. Arsenal controlled the game, but nothing more. The Canaries themselves created problems for themselves when they played the ball near the goal. Arsenal’s progress can only be attributed to Norwich’s weakness and style, which was perfect for Arteta’s team. At the start of the season, Leno is in terrible shape, who not only fails to help his partners, but also misses long-range strikes into the near corner.

Arsenal’s transfer policy

When Arteta took over the club, he immediately stated that Arsenal would work for the future. Players who do not want to give their best should leave, and rash reinforcements are no longer a place. For this reason Mesut Ozil, Mustafi, Socratich, David Louise and Willian left. But nothing has changed globally. Arteta continued to rely on those players who did the weather under Unai Emery. Under Arteta, only Saka and Smith Rowe took a step forward.

Arsenal newcomers to the summer transfer window 2021




Ben White Brighton


Martin Odegaard “Real Madrid


Aaron Ramsdale Sheffield


Takehiro Tomiyasu “Bologna”


Albert Lokonga Anderlecht


Nunu Tavares Benfica


Gunners “spent more than other teams in the Premier League. But are such expenses justified? For example, Liverpool signed Konate for 40 million, Manchester United took Varane for 48, and Zuma went to West Ham for 35. Was the London club not sorry to part with the 58.5 million euros that they gave Brighton for White?

Arsenal is actively investing in the future, sacrificing the present. The Londoners had problems in the right-back position, but did not solve them. Bellerina was given to Betis on loan, and only the newcomer Tomiyasu can replace him. Lacazette wants to play for another team, but Arsenal are in no hurry to look for a replacement.

As head coach, Arteta did not manage to achieve stability. Mikel is not like a person who can mask weaknesses and make the team progress. For several months now, Arteta has topped the list of Premier League coaches who are on the verge of being fired. It seems that the head coach has a misunderstanding of what to do next.


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