The head of La Liga Tebas believes that Messi’s departure from Barça could have been prevented: “It’s not about the economy, I know for sure” – Football

La Liga President Javier Tebas has gone into the details of striker Lionel Messi’s departure from Barcelona.

– Do you think it was possible to prevent Messi’s departure?

– Yes.

– How?

– I discussed this issue with Laporte by phone and with his board of directors. They were looking for solutions if everything depended on the economy. But if the matter is different, then I cannot evaluate.

I think next season, with the numbers that Barça will provide, we will see whether Messi could stay or not. And although I respect the decision of the club, you need to say everything as it is.

– Let’s hope that someday the whole truth about what happened to Messi becomes known.

– It was not an economic decision. I know for sure.

– Do you link this with Barça’s refusal from the CVC deal?

– Laporta and Messi shook hands because within a month [президент «Барсы»] accepted CVC’s offer. It has been for over a month. So he said that things were going well. He even called me twice to expedite the CVC deal because Messi was nervous.

– There is an opinion that you are guilty of Messi’s departure.

– I know. I withstood the initial onslaught, but I already wrote in some tweets that this was not true. On the contrary, CVC is a global project for all La Liga clubs and would benefit Barcelona not only in terms of debt, but also in terms of salaries in the medium term.

– What has not been said about Barcelona’s rejection of the deal with CVC?

– The club agreed for many weeks, but in the last 72 hours everything fell apart. This was the decision [исполнительного директора «Барсы»] Ferran Reverter influence Laporte and his entourage. I think it is closely related to the Super League and to the strategy that Real Madrid also adhere to, Tebas said.

Recall that La Liga agreed to sell 10% of the business to the investment fund CVC Capital Partners for 2.7 billion euros. Real Madrid and Barcelona opposed the deal. At the same time, the Catalan club was initially for, but then changed its position. It was reported that Barça could have saved Messi by approving a La Liga deal with CVC.

La Liga sold 10% of the business to the Luxembourg foundation for 2.7 billion euros. The goal is to catch up with the nuclear submarine in terms of income in 4 years

Barcelona and Real Madrid went to war with La Liga on the day Messi left. The matter is also in the Super League

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