“The limit is killing football, it must be canceled.” Sharp interview with Gleb

Former Arsenal and Barcelona midfielder Alexander Gleb talks about Dzyuba, the Russian national team and the Legends Cup.

Alexander Gleb is one of the best Belarusian footballers in history. The champion of Spain and the winner of the Champions League came to Moscow for the Legends Cup, where he joined the team of stars. After the next match, Gleb went to the journalists and answered a variety of questions. But at the end of the conversation he asked: “Do not present information in a resonant manner. I communicate in a kind way. If I wanted to make a statement, I would, but I don’t want to. ”

At the limit, players ask for crazy money, although they don’t play close at this level

– Russian President Vladimir Putin today spoke out against the abolition of the limit. What is your position?

– I disagree with the president. I believe that the limit should be canceled. When there is competition and motivation, football develops. At the limit, players ask for crazy money, although they don’t play close at this level.

– What surprised you when you played in Russia?

– I was surprised by the limit. If someone wants to find a left-back, of which there are so few, then there will be problems. This defender is demanding a salary as a Chelsea player.

– Maybe we just do not know how to prepare football players?

– No, you have a lot of players. It’s just that the limit is not needed at all. I think he is killing football. We need healthy competition.

– Is there a limit in Belarus?

– Yes, they also introduced it. I’m against it! Everyone thinks that with the limit, young footballers will get more practice, they will be taken and developed everywhere. I believe that this is not the case. We need competition. Strive to achieve something in your club or go to Europe. The only way. And what I saw at Euro 2020 …

Russian national team at Euro 2020 – darkness

– Did not like? Describe in one word.

– Darkness. With all due respect to Russia, but it was just … There was no football even close. It’s my opinion.

– Was it that awful?

– Don’t you agree?

– We looked pretty good in the match with Finland.

– Then you are right, I was wrong. (Laughs.)

– How do you like Alexander Golovin and Anton Miranchuk at the Euro?

– Miranchuk scored – well done. What else is there to say. Miranchuk and Golovin had a desire to win, but failed. Football is a team game. And little depends on one or two players.

– Is Dziuba the main hope of the Russian national team?

– In the Russian championship, yes. At the European level, no. Come on, this is another level. Any average team will turn him out of the game.

– What do you remember about Dziuba at this Euro 2020?

– Nothing, honestly. Neither the national team, nor Dziuba.

Golovin is very talented, he can get to Barcelona

– Cesc Fabregas said that Golovin is very similar to you in the manner of playing. Do you see similarities?

– I like his game. He feels a partner, good dribbling, he is very fast. I like these players.

– Do you believe that Golovin can outgrow Monaco and get into the same Barcelona?

– Of course! Why not? The main thing is to believe in yourself. Judging by the fact that he plays consistently, it means that the coach believes in him. There shouldn’t be any problems.

– Can our footballer go to Barcelona?

– Why not? He has great talent. I am sure that he was offered a lot of money in Russia, but he refused and decided to try himself in Europe. This is not the Barcelona that was. You can get into this one. Barcelona had no competitors of my time. Now everything is changing there, there are many young and new players.

Lokomotiv can only become a step in Lisakovich’s career

– What do you think about the latest performances of the Belarusian national team?

– Fine, I liked it. Young guys from the Belarusian championship. Technically, they were, of course, inferior. But by dedication – to no one! The eyes were burning, fighting for each other. This is how the team spirit is developed. For them, this is the beginning. In this cycle, and so nothing would have shone, even if all the “old people” were collected. And so – to get experience, to feel. In the next cycle, we’ll see if there will be a normal draw.

– What is a normal draw for you?

– This is the national team of Russia or Moldova. (Laughs.) This is a joke, if that. You just need a team simpler than Belgium.

– Can someone from the Belarusian championship get to Europe in the near future?

– Guys, let them work. It’s not all at once. The main thing is to believe in yourself and go towards your goal. It all depends on the person.

– Does Vitaly Lisakovich have the potential for this?

– Of course, he is a very talented footballer. Now he is one of the leaders of our team. Constantly aimed at the goal, a little selfish, but that’s okay for the attacker. He’s great. If he doesn’t play the fool, Lokomotiv is a step in his career.

Someday Viktor Goncharenko will lead the European team

– Do you follow the career of Viktor Goncharenko?

– Yes, I follow Viktor Mikhailovich. We are friends, we communicate. I like him as a coach. He devoted himself entirely to his work, he lives on it! If you want to grow into a coach, then you have to give yourself completely. If not, nothing serious will come of it. And he surrenders, he will have everything. Someday he will lead the European team.

– Do you have a desire to become a coach?

– Oh sure. I am going to coaching courses soon. Where to? It’s a secret. (Laughs.)

– Are you going to study in Europe?

– What are you, I have already forgotten the language. What I am there I will say? London is a capital of Great Britain? (“London is the capital of Great Britain”. – Approx. “SE”). No, definitely not to Europe.

Arsenal are the middle peasants of the English league

– What do you think of Arsenal London at the start of this season?

– It is difficult to comment on this. Arsenal have slipped to the middle peasant in the English league. Everyone demanded: “Arsen, go away.” I understood that it would be hard without Wenger.

– Is Arsenal’s coach the problem?

– Of course. Arsen knew how to show the game with the players he had. The leaders were ransomed, and he butted with the youth. And they played in the Champions League every year. And there was spectacular football.

– Are you expecting Mikel Arteta’s dismissal in the near future?

– I don’t expect anything at all. When Arsen left, I started to follow Arsenal less. Judging by the beginning of this season … Everything was readable.

– What about Barcelona?

– The same as with Arsenal. Change of staff, new people, arrival of young people. It will take time for Barcelona to come to their senses and become the team they were. It will be hard. These guys played and made history.

– Could you imagine Leo Messi leaving Barça?

– I was absolutely calm about it. He believed that he would want to try himself somewhere else a year or two earlier. He also wanted to leave that year. Probably, it’s okay to try your hand somewhere else. Cristiano Ronaldo won how many clubs he changed, became a champion everywhere and achieved a lot. I’m glad that Messi went to another team. I would like to look at it in different conditions.

– Messi or Ronaldo?

– By talent – Messi. Achievements – Ronaldo, he proved in all championships that he is one of the best.

There are claims to the judges at the Legends Cup

– Are you determined to win the Legends Cup?

– This is my first time here. I was told what happened at the last final. But no one is only determined to win. Everyone came to enjoy themselves. Of course, I want to win. The main thing is that the judges do not spoil the tournament. When this pull begins … The Russian national team is a great team, there are many legends, they show a good game. And the judges make the game nervous.

– Are the judges dragging the Russian national team?

– I see it. And ask anyone. If there is a violation – whistle, but they just turn on the players. That was the situation in the match between Russia and Turkey. It turns out that they whistle in one direction … There are no complaints about the team, but only to the judges.

– This is how you prepare for the final?

– No, not at all. I am calm, believe me. I came here to have a good time and meet the guys. A wonderful tournament has been organized. For the development and popularization of football, this is generally a class. You just don’t have to spoil such a competition, it’s an image.

– Who is the leader in your team? Andrey Voronin?

– We have all leaders. Andryukha is one of them.

– The Russian national team at the Legends Cup includes players who have just finished professional football. Not scary?

– Will they tear it apart? Well, let. (Laughs.) Pashka Pogrebnyak is my friend, I played with him. Great guy and soccer player. We’ll all have fun on the pitch tomorrow.

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