The owner of a fan site that the Genshin Impact developers tried to shut down decided to fight back and mocks miHoYo

Recently there was information about the closure of a fan site, which published information about the popular combat role-playing game Genshin Impact. There was a retaliatory strike against the developers of the ESRB 3+ rated waifu gambling game.

We have already written that the fan project HoneyHunterWorld (game database) has decided to close the developers of Genshin Impact, who are trying to stop the constant leaks of information about the game.

The developers sent letters to providers, in which they informed that the project “infringes on copyright”. It is worth noting that there was a note on the site that the copyright belonged to the developers of miHoYo.

Instead of removing the controversial pages, the developers demanded to completely “collapse” the project.

HoneyHunterWorld’s lawyers concluded that miHoYo’s claims were illegal, but (it seems) decided to play it safe.

Now information about the future fate of HoneyHunterWorld has appeared on Twitter:

“We are back, migration [перенос сайта] completed.

Several changes will take place on the site in the near future:

  • Removing watermarks (watermarks)
  • Removal of any copyrights (copyright marks) associated with MHY [miHoYo]

LATEST ACTUALLY USED FOR DMCA SUIT [нарушение авторских прав] THEIR LAWYERS. We don’t want to be held by the balls, they [копирайты] not worth mentioning. “

The previous copyright at the bottom of the site page has also changed:

“Genshit Infarct ™ is a registered trademark of MeMeHoYo Co., Ltd

This site is for educational and research purposes (and for us pasta eaters). The images and data come from the decaying mind of a mentally unstable game designer who sees himself as a brain-damaged horse suffering from multiple infusion-induced PTSD [введением/вливанием] copy, and are fictional. Any similarity of names, data, or images to ESRB 3+ rated Waifu gambling resources developed by a third-party company whose entire legal department cannot compose an intelligible paragraph in English is completely coincidental. ”

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