“Verstappen got out of the cockpit and just walked away – not making sure the other guy was okay,” Lewis Hamilton reports – Auto

The driver of “Mercedes” Lewis Hamilton commented on the accident in which he got at the Italian Grand Prix, colliding with Max Verstappen.

Hamilton noted that he was surprised how Verstappen got out of the cockpit after the accident and simply left without finding out what state Hamilton was in.

“I definitely didn’t expect Max to lose control of the car while driving along the curb and come to me. But, again, judging by the replay, everything happened very quickly. At the wheel of a car, I could only think about how many positions I lost, I am in race mode. That is, even after the accident, I could only think about how to get back into the race? Yes, I felt a little pain, but I didn’t care, I wanted to continue. But, unfortunately, the car would not budge.

I saw Max get out of the cockpit and just walk away. And I thought it was a bit surprising, because after such incidents, the first thing you need to do is to make sure that the guy you just bumped into is okay. It’s good that in the end I managed to get out of the cockpit, although the way back to the boxes was not a short one. It’s okay, we’ll play it next time.

My neck definitely hurts. And as the level of adrenaline in the blood falls, the pain intensifies. But it’s okay, we’ll work with Angie (Angela Cullen, Hamilton’s physical therapist). But in general, I am very lucky today. Thank God we have a halo, I think today the halo saved me and my neck, ”said Hamilton.

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