Verstappen: There was no need to push me out

After the finish of the Italian Grand Prix, Max Verstappen commented on the collision with Lewis Hamilton, which occurred on the 26th lap, believing that the opponent deliberately pushed him off the track

Q: What is your opinion on the incident with Lewis that caused both of you to withdraw from the race?
Max Verstappen: Of course, we understood that in the 1st turn our cars would be very close, and he began to push me to the side, even when he crossed the white line (separating the exit from the pit lane), and I almost had to move onto the grass to avoid contact …

Of course, he understood that I did not intend to yield, and continued to push me to the left. I want to race – although now everyone will automatically start to remember Silverstone, but in races this happens. Of course, there is nothing good about this, but we are all professionals and must continue to fight with each other.

I did not expect that he would continue to press me, to press me, although this was not even necessary. If he had left me enough room, we would have continued to fight after the second turn, and it is likely that he would have stayed ahead. But he pushed me further and further, and at some point I had nowhere to go – he just pushed me onto the curb.

Therefore, in the end, there was contact between the cars, they caught on the rear wheels …

Q: In Imola, the situation was reversed, but Lewis then said that he moved to the curb to avoid a collision …
Max Verstappen: I don’t think that an equal sign can be put between these two cases, because today he continued to push me off the track, although our cars were level. In order for both cars to overcome the corner, it is necessary for both riders to take some action to do this. We both fought for the position and, unfortunately, collided.

Max Verstappen leaves cockpit after collision with Lews Hamilton

But if one of the riders does not want to cooperate in such a situation, there is nothing you can do about it, everything will end in an accident.

Q: Are you going to talk to Lewis?
Max Verstappen: Eeeeee … Of course, it’s a pity that this happened, no one wants such things to happen, but, in my opinion, we must step over this and continue to chase. Again, it’s a pity that everything turned out like this.

Question: But can the normal rivalry continue if you are not going to discuss what happened?
Max Verstappen: Of course, we can discuss all this.

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