Verstappen will lose three positions at the start of the Russian Grand Prix for a collision with Hamilton – Auto

Italian Grand Prix stewards reviewed the incident between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton.

The championship leaders retreated after the clash.

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The judges punished the Red Bull pilot with the loss of three positions at the start of the Russian Grand Prix, which will take place on 26 September. In addition, Verstappen received two penalty points for the super license.

It is noted that 50 meters before the first turn, the Mercedes driver was significantly ahead of the rival. Hamilton said that Verstappen attempted an attack too late and had to concede a turn.

According to the stewards, Lewis was trying to avoid an accident, although because of the location of his car, Verstappen drove into the curb. At the same time, Max significantly caught up with Lewis only at the entrance to the first corner. The judges considered that the Dutchman decided to maneuver too late, and he was not obliged to leave a place.

“Although car 44 (Hamilton) could be located further from the curb, the stewards found its position reasonable. Consequently, car 33 (Verstappen) is mainly to blame for the collision, ”the judges said in a statement.

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