Vitor Belfort knocked out Evander Holyfield, Anderson Silva defeated Tito Ortiz (video)

Former UFC champion Vitor Belfort knocked out legendary boxer Evander Holyfield in the main match of the evening of boxing Triller Fight Club Legends 2. 44-year-old Belfort knocked out 58-year-old Holyfield in the first round.

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In a major duel, the other two former UFC champions met – Anderson Silva fought Tito Ortiz. This fight also ended with a knockout in the first round – the 46-year-old Brazilian won.

Former US President Donald Trump was the commentator for the evening. The politician began by giving an unusual characterization of judicial decisions. “It looks like an election. They can be falsified, ”Trump said.

After the defeat of Holyfield, Trump gave an expert assessment of the form of the 58-year-old boxer: “From the very beginning it was clear that he was no longer the same fighter. He missed a lot. His left jab was very slow. It’s so unusual to see because we watched him just win most of our lives. ” The ex-president summed up the fight, expressing the hope that more Holyfield will not return to boxing: “This is probably the last time you see the great legend of Evander Holyfield. Perhaps the last time in this capacity. Hope so”.

Donald Trump

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Former UFC champion Junior dos Santos was delighted with Donald. The Brazilian attended the tournament as a guest commentator and spoke to Trump a lot during the fights. “I’m impressed with how much this gentleman knows about boxing,” Santos said. “We’ve had a lot of fights,” Trump replied, apparently referring to political rivalries.

Towards the end of the night, Trump sat next to UFC star Jorge Masvidal, who exchanged barbs with Jake Paul and said he would like to fight both brothers. “So brothers Paul, we have Jorge, and he wants to fight you, and I think it will be an incredible fight,” Trump said.

  • After the fight, Belfort challenged Jake Paul to a fight and offered to fight for a fee of $ 25 million.
  • Later that evening, David Haye defeated Joe Fournier via unanimous decision.
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