When Russian striker Kirill Kaprizov signs a new contract with Minnesota in the NHL

Whims will skip training camp? When will the Russian star sign a contract in the NHL?

Pavel Panyshev

Pavel Panyshev

Whims will skip training camp?

It looks like Minnesota are ready to do anything to keep the striker at home. Cyril continues to think.

Epic with Kirill Kaprizov and his negotiations for a new contract with the Minnesota Wild NHL are continuing. More news arrived today. It became known that the Russian forward of the “savages” may miss the start of his team’s training camp. This was reported by the authoritative North American edition of The Athletic.

Whims will receive $ 45 million?  Latest news on the new contract of the Russian star
Whims will receive $ 45 million? Latest news on the new contract of the Russian star

“Making nine million a year is certainly not bad. Such a result of the negotiations is quite logical, the parties, as expected, went to meet each other halfway and agreed somewhere in the middle. If these figures are officially confirmed, then this will be just the contract that, apparently, will satisfy both the club and the player.

As far as I understand, there were no disagreements on the amount at all initially. It’s just that Minnesota wanted to sign a long-term contract for eight years at once, and Kirill wanted a shorter one, three years, so that he could enter the free agent market earlier. As a result, they found a compromise, “a well-known Russian functionary immediately spoke out. Leonid Vaysfeld in an interview with Match TV.

Leonid Vladlenovich has no doubts that the parties will end up blowing their hands. Considering that Weisfeld himself worked for a long time as the general manager of many KHL teams, there are no questions in his competence. Yes, in North America they probably negotiate differently. There is a different mentality, different thinking, different principles. But the current facts of disagreement between the parties are indeed undeniable.

“Who spreads rumors about Kaprizov?  We understand that this is unrealistic.
“Who spreads rumors about Kaprizov? We understand that this is unrealistic. ”

What does Caprice want? A short-term contract for big money, so as not to “hang” in Minneapolis forever, having managed to enter the market of unlimited free agents and, as before Artemy Panarin, choose a new club for yourself. What does Minnesota offer to the Russian? A new contract for a huge (!) Money, but with a long-term option. That is, it is completely unprofitable for the “savages” to give Kaprizov a short agreement. The club hopes that Kirill is the team’s forward for long goals, ala McDavid at Edmonton. But our compatriot understands perfectly well that he cannot win anything sensible with such a club, so there is no point in getting stuck there for many years. Hence all the problems.

I think that over time Paul Theophanos (Kaprizov’s agent in the NHL. – Approx. “Championship”) and Kirill began to look at things differently. As I. I don’t want to go into details, this is not very correct. But yes, there is always a compromise, there is always a moment in time when you need to look at something from the point of view of another person.

We have allocated a certain amount of money for signing the contract. Let’s see what will happen next. I know that Kirill wants to play here. He’s a really nice guy. This is just part of the process. In fact, nothing out of the ordinary is happening. Big deals take time, “Minnesota general manager said recently. Bill Guerin

It really takes time, but everything goes to the point that Kirill, as they correctly noted in North America, may miss the team’s training camp. There is nothing catastrophic about this, but usually veterans like Ilya Kovalchuk or Pavel Datsyuk, if we take the KHL as an example. You can calmly prepare individually, not be killed in the offseason and enter the new championship by experience.

But for Kirill, of course, this option is not particularly suitable. Still, Kaprizov needs to be more in the team, continue to feel his partners, work, prove and develop. Kirill’s career in the NHL is only in full swing, so a new contract needs to be negotiated in the near future. And, I think, Kaprizov himself understands this very well. The main thing is that Agent Theofanos should not completely sit on the Russian’s ears.

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