Zenit’s forward played the best match of the season, is it time to return him to the Russian national team? Sport-Express

I wonder what Karpin thinks about this.

After the September matches, there are many questions left to the Russian national team. One of them, albeit not the most obvious, is the absence of Artyom Dziuba.

Without him, the updated national team scored only two goals each against Cyprus and Malta. Very, very few. And Valery Karpin was immediately reminded of Dziuba’s non-challenge – maybe it was worth giving him a chance after all?

But Dziuba did not make the national team deservedly. It was striking that Artyom was not in the best condition at the start of the season. Only in one of seven matches (including the Super Cup) did he spend all 90 minutes on the field. At the same time, Dziuba did not score and gave only two assists.

Recently Miodrag Bozovic, who worked with Dziuba at Rostov and Tula Arsenal, said: “Artyom has a black streak, but it can motivate him even more. After all, the more enemies Dziuba has, the better he feels and the more he proves to them. “

Most likely Bozovic is right. However, Dziuba needed not only motivation, but also a break. Moreover, both physical and moral: the last year he turned out to be extremely stressful. Confrontations with fans, a spicy video leaked to the Internet, an unsuccessful Euro, where the captain of the national team had to pull a difficult burden.

Now the focus of attention from Dziuba is gone, and the two-week break has clearly benefited him. After him, Artem played the best match of the season.

He brought Zenit onto the pitch with a captain’s armband – for the first time this season. The captain of the blue-white-blue during the current championship was Dejan Lovren, but in the game against Akhmat he remained on the bench. Surely the Croat will get the bandage back when he returns to the starting lineup.

Dziuba used to fight for the ball a lot. On account of his 24 single combats – more than anyone else in the match. At the same time, Artyom does not have many martial arts won – only 33%, although on average for the season he emerged victorious in 47% of episodes.

Much better Dziuba combined with his partners. Already in the 9th minute, he gave an assist to Wendel. Opening in someone else’s penalty area, Artem correctly assessed the situation and rolled the ball back, where no one was holding the Brazilian.

Dziuba gave five key passes, which is the best indicator among all the participants in the match.

Artem spent all 90 minutes on the field, confirming that he was gaining physical shape. At the end of the game, he issued another assist, elegantly playing a wall with Malcolm. Now Dziuba has three assists – only Rifat Zhemaletdinov (5) has more in the RPL.

Dziuba is gradually coming to his senses, although there is still room to strive for. Let’s say the forward made a lot of mistakes – he had 11 losses on his account. Mohamed Konate, a striker from Grozny, has the same number. But surely Artyom was much more upset that he did not score – he still has no goals this season. In the game against Akhmat, the striker could have distinguished himself at least twice, but the implementation failed.

Artem Dziuba’s statistics in the match against Akhmat

Shots (on target)

2 (2)

Transmissions (accuracy)

31 (90%)

Key gears


Ball loss


Martial arts (won)

24 (33%)

Horse martial arts (won)

8 (38%)

Strokes (successful)

4 (75%)

“In order to play in the national team, you need to play for the club,” Karpin said, explaining his decision not to call Dziuba. I wonder if Artyom will get a chance in the October matches?

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