10 images of Jennifer Aniston from the TV series “Friends” that are relevant to this day

Friends are back on screens! We missed all the heroes of our beloved sitcom, whose lives are centered around the New York coffee shop. But a special place in our hearts is occupied by the fashionista Rachel Green performed by Jennifer Aniston. Now, when the trends of the late 1990s and early 2000s reign supreme, her looks seem not only stylish, but also very relevant.

The girl, who went through a thorny path from a waitress to working in Ralph Lauren’s team, walked the most fashionable outfits for ten seasons. After Rachel got a job in the brand, her style has changed significantly. She began to appear on the screen in perfect business suits, which can be inspired by making up a wardrobe for the office. Looking at them today, one can clearly trace parallels with modern trends. Rachel’s favorite outfits include high-waisted jeans, business suits, crop tops, lingerie-style dresses, oversized shirts with a knot at the waist, and leather jackets. Agree, the words are painfully familiar. No wonder Ralph Lauren dedicated a whole collection of tributes to the heroine of the popularly beloved show. We have selected 10 looks of Rachel Green, which not only prove that fashion is cyclical, but also give an opportunity to remember one of the best roles of Aniston.

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