A tariff with 5 TB of storage for 1,745 rubles has appeared in Google One. per month

The subscription service Google One has a new tariff plan. For $ 24.99 (RUB 1,745 in Russia) per month, users can get 5 TB of storage.

Source: theverge.com

Source: theverge.com

After the reorganization of the Google Photos service, users lost the ability to store an unlimited number of images for free, even in a compressed format. Some have since continued to use Google Drive, which offers free 15 GB for everyone. Others have signed up to Google One, which offers 100 GB or more in the cloud.

Google One’s offerings to date have included plans with 100GB and 200GB storage, as well as 2TB, 10TB, 20TB, and 30TB. The minimum monthly subscription fee is $ 1.99 (139 rubles for Russia), while at the maximum tariff it is already 10 490 rubles. The new position was the tariff with 5 TB storage for 1,745 rubles. – for those who lack 2 TB for 699 rubles. per month, but also 3490 rubles. 10 TB is already a bit too much.

As with other tariffs, if you pay for the year in advance, you can get a discount. In addition to massive storage, the user gets a 10 percent discount on purchases in the Google Store, family group access, extended support from Google, and a VPN for Android phones.

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