Apple has released iOS 14.8 for everyone. What’s new

Apple released iOS 14.8 today, September 13th. Despite the fact that the development of this version of the operating system became known a few weeks ago, by and large no one expected it to be released. I didn’t count for several reasons. Firstly, this is already the eighth functional update of iOS 14. And, secondly, Apple did not test iOS 14.8 in open mode, like all previous versions before it, which made its release even more unexpected than it could have been.

iOS 14.8 came out, although no one expected its release

Apple выпустила краткий обзор функций iOS 15

It’s really hard to imagine why Apple would need to release iOS 14.8. The release of iOS 15 will take place literally from day to day, which means that it was simply illogical to pull attention from a more iconic update. But Apple was clearly pursuing some goal, because the company would never release such a major update without preliminary tests, and even without functional innovations.

What’s new in iOS 14.8

Despite the lack of functional innovations, some changes in iOS 14.8. Judging by the content of the company’s official website, the update is focused on fixing bugs and critical vulnerabilities that were found in previous versions of the operating system. Why it was not possible to release a smaller patch for this is not clear. Perhaps this is a hint at the significance of the fixes.

iOS is not as secure as Apple tells us. True, we usually find out about it after the fact

The key fix concerns a vulnerability in the CoreGraphics component that could allow a malicious PDF file to execute arbitrary code on vulnerable devices. The second fix focuses on a WebKit bug that allowed hackers to hack iPhones using malicious websites. Fortunately, neither one nor the other vulnerabilities were exploited to a wide audience.

Apple отложила часть нововведений iOS 15. Они выйдут потом

Earlier it was reported that after updating to iOS 14.7.1, some iPhones began to massively lose network connectivity. Apparently, the problem only affected the iPhone 6s, iPhone 8 and iPhone 11. So in their case, we can also expect a fix for the flaw that provoked an unsuccessful network search even in places with stable GSM, 3G and LTE connections.

Should i install iOS 14.8

iPhone can’t see the network? This issue is not just for you.

Here’s what users write about a bug that causes iPhone to lose network:

“After update iPhone 11 prior to iOS 14.7.1 I lost my network signal. The phone never found the network. Search is still flashing in the upper right corner of the screen. “

“My iPhone 8 has the same thing. It cannot find a cellular connection, although it worked fine before the update. Tried replace SIM card to another, but it did not work. “

“Tried reset network settingsto get the network back on the iPhone, but it didn’t work. It’s strange, considering that it helped even after connecting to the Wi-Fi networks of death. “

Как включить картинка-в-картинке на YouTube в iOS 14. Новый рабочий способ

It is not yet known whether Apple has fixed this bug, but, be that as it may, iOS 14.8 is recommended for installation by all users, without exception, regardless of the iPhone model. After all, if in Cupertino they made public the existence of vulnerabilities in iOS 14.7, it means that now they can be exploited by hackers focused on hacking the iPhone based on older versions of the operating system.

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