Cryptocurrency Wifedoge – Dogecoin’s “wife” grows 3000% in a day

06 September 2021, 12:56

Favorite Musk, cryptocurrency Wifedoge skyrocketed by 3000% in just one day - 1200x800

Wifecoin became a parody of Dogecoin

Wifedoge, a clone of Dogecoin, jumped 3000% in just one day, Entrepreneur writes.

In July last year, they launched the Wifedoge cryptocurrency, which is presented as the “wife” of Dogecoin, but in fact is its clone. Wifecoin has become a parody of Dogecoin, which in turn is a cryptocurrency meme.

The cryptocurrency has surprised everyone this week with more than 3,000% growth in market cap in just one day, according to CoinMarketCap.

On Tuesday, Aug 31, Wifedoge’s market cap surpassed $ 2.32 million, up 3294.29% from the $ 68,350 it started with on Monday morning. Over the past day – from September 5 to September 6 – the cryptocurrency has given about 500% growth.

The creators of Wifedoge guarantee that the value of each token will be equivalent to one Dogecoin. In addition, they announced that they would reserve 5% of Wifedoge tokens for Elon Musk. “We will transfer them at the right time, otherwise 5% of tokens will be permanently blocked“- said in a tweet from Wifecoin.

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