Denis Cheryshev was injured for Valencia in the match against Osasuna – details, reaction of Spanish fans – September 12, 2021

Last season at Valencia for Denis Cheryshev was crumpled. Due to another injury, he missed a lot of matches and did not gain a foothold at the base. In the summer, there were rumors that the winger might leave the team, but all this remained rumors.

Moreover, Cheryshev started the 2021/22 season as a base player, scored a goal pass with Alaves and famously entered the game against Croatia for the Russian national team.

But, unfortunately, the white streak can end very quickly. Cheryshev made the base for the match of the 4th round of La Liga with Osasuna, but this time the Spanish fans were not impressed with his game. Even despite the fact that in one of the episodes he made a cool hidden pass to Gonçalo Gedesh, after which only the goalkeeper saved Osasuna. Most of all, Denis was charged for an indistinct overhang in the first half.

@eternyxvcf: Cheryshev deserves a prison sentence for his awnings.

@thecharlieone_: Cheryshev is extremely limited in short and long passes.

@eloncedepepe: Cheryshev sends the cross into the clouds (with little or no resistance) and begins to applaud, as if his teammate had done this home run. Crazy Russian. What a low level, I swear to god.

@vcfgol: Cheryshev today is zero on the left, Elder Costa remains.

@JomiLavarias: Cheryshev hangs on the fourth podium and simply applauds. Game.

@ArmadaNaranja: Denis Cheryshev is the closest spectator to the action!

And at the very end of the first half, an even more unpleasant situation for Cheryshev occurred. Denis sat down on the lawn and asked for a replacement, holding on to his knee. He left the field limping. The coach had to make a forced replacement. The most offensive thing is that he was injured out of the blue.

Valencia fans were disappointed – Cheryshev got another injury before their eyes.

GerardGalvez21: Great, Cheryshev had enough for 4 games.

@AdrianVCF_: And Cheryshev is injured. Several games are not bad.

@ Vicente06 260 738: Regardless of what time of year you are reading this: summer, autumn, winter: Cheryshev is injured.

The first half ended 1: 1. In the second, Valencia left no chances to the opponent, having won with a score of 4: 1.

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