Denis Kazansky left Match TV

Russian commentator Denis Kazansky left the Match TV channel.

“Six years on the channel and 15 years in the holding is a big and important part of my life, which allowed me to gain invaluable experience. I want to say a huge thank you to the channel for helping me to become who I am now, to realize many dreams and ideas, to enjoy every day. Each of us has a moment in life when he must throw himself a new challenge to move to the next stage in his development. I believe the time has come for this step.

I want to expand my comfort zone a little and try myself on a different level. Please do not look for a cat where there is none – this decision has nothing to do with the financial conditions of work or the internal affairs of the channel. It was my and only my decision, I am guided exclusively by my inner feelings. Yes, it so happened that my departure coincided with other changes on the channel, but, as they say in the credits before the start of the film, any resemblance to real events is accidental, “Kazansky is quoted by Match TV.

Let us remind you that earlier another commentator Nobel Arustamyan resigned from Match TV after six years of work at the TV channel. The reason for leaving was an interview with Rostov midfielder Pavel Mamaev. The journalist said that he did not want to participate in this project, which, according to Arustamyan, did not correspond to the theme of the sports TV channel.

“It’s a conflict with my principles.” How Nobel Arustamyan quit his job at Match TV

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